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Lobot needs YOU

The Lobot project is recruiting team members. Mostly that means that when scheduling permits, you’ll work on Lobot as a project. Contact Ken (the new PM), or Davis.

How do RubyMine inspections work?

I have a module that creates methods dynamically, but I want Command-B to work for those methods.


before_save on: :create fails silently

before_save and after_save will happily take an on: :create option, and then completely ignore it. before_validation takes an on: :create option, and actually works, which is why it feels natural to put on: :create after a before or after save.

The right answer, apparently, is to use before_create or after_create.

See also:

Resque worker shutting down on Heroku – solved

We recently added the resque-pool gem which does alias_method on the resque worker shutdown? method to look at the pid of the process being shutdown. On Heroku this always evaluates to true.
Takeaway message don’t add resque-pool gem to your gemfile for an heroku application.

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Thoughtbot is writing a book

Ruby Science:

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