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Wednesday 5/6 Standup


  • Can’t remove git tag on remote: Anyone know how to ensure that a git tag is removed on the remote repository? We’ve tried to remove the tag locally, then push to remote. The tag is removed for a while, but at some point in the future it magically comes back.


  • Soap4r (courtesy of Adam Milligan):
    If you’re using soap4r in a Rails app, you know that it generates a module based on a WSDL that you feed it, so you can make SOAP calls by calling Ruby methods. Simple and nice, right? Right. Be careful where you require the generated files though. If Rails loads them too soon they won’t have the necessary information from the WSDL, and your SOAP calls will fail in subtle and frustrating ways.

    If you require the generated files in the class that uses them, your SOAP calls will work in development mode but fail in any environment with class caching turned on (it may work if you have eager class loading disabled, but why take the chance?). If you require the generated files in an initializer, your SOAP calls will fail in every environment. We made this work by including the generated files at the very end of the environment file. An after_initialize block may work as well.

  1. Pat Maddox says:

    Take a look at it shows how to remove a remote branch or tag

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