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Where's the cowbell?

New faces

Georg and Austin from Boulder


Fierce battles in the BLOGGERDOME week 1 for the $500 cash prize


9 entered. 8 survived.

Surviving to fight for another week.

Will Reed
Luan Santos
Matt Parker
Brandon Liu
Ken Mayer
Andrew Bruce
Brian “Blog till you bleed” Butz
David Varvel

Eliminated from the BLOGGERDOME week 1:

Gavin Morgan. He was last seen riding into the wasteland.

Pivotal Labs one of the Best Places to Work

(David Goudreau)


Monday: Lunch video: Bryan Helmkamp – Refactoring big AR models

(Alexander Murmann)

Thursday: Thursday book club: Big Data by Nathan Marz

(Serguei Filimonov)

Big Data by Nathan Marz is available as a pdf at the digital library from Pivotal. Lets discuss the first chapter this week. Mention to Serguei if you’re coming to get the right amount of food.

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