Strengthening Apache Hadoop in the Enterprise with Apache Ambari

featured-elephant-onlyAt Pivotal, we strongly support open source software. This, of course, includes significant contributions to important technologies like Cloud Foundry, Redis, Spring XD and RabbitMQ, just to name a few. We also have a deep commitment to Apache Hadoop. We invest heavily in Hadoop and complementary modules like HAWQ, GemFire XD and Pivotal Command Center. It is essential to our core, allows us to serve our customers in profound ways, and it is a fundamental part of our innovative Big Data Suite. Today we are excited to announce that Pivotal and Hortonworks will collaborate on the Apache Ambari project to help strengthen Hadoop as an enterprise offering and to further advance the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Apache Hadoop projects are central to our efforts to drive the most value for the enterprise. An open source, extensible and vendor neutral application to manage services in a standardized way benefits the entire ecosystem. It increases customer agility and reduces operational costs and can ultimately help drive Hadoop adoption.

We have great respect for the progress that has been made by Hortonworks in this area, specifically around the Ambari project.

Our Pivotal HD and Big Data Suite customers who favor Ambari—and the broader Apache Hadoop community—will benefit from additional development resources and functionality contributions Pivotal will make to the Ambari project, working closely with Hortonworks and others.


“Pivotal has a strong record of contribution to open source and has proven their commitment with projects such as Cloud Foundry, Spring, Redis and more.  Collaborating with Hortonworks and others in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem to further invest in Apache Ambari as the standard management tool for Hadoop will be quite powerful,” says Shaun Connolly, VP Strategy at Hortonworks “Pivotal’s track record in open source overall and the breadth of skills they bring will go a long way towards helping enterprises be successful, faster, with Hadoop.”

We are expanding our open source investment by dedicating Pivotal engineers to contribute installation, configuration and management capabilities to Ambari.  We will collaborate closely with Hortonworks, ASF, and the broader Apache Hadoop community in this effort. At the same time, we will continue to deliver on our commitments to existing customers and work closely with them to benefit from this collaboration.

Pivotal will continue to drive technology forward, to further the goal of enterprise standard Hadoop.  We are looking forward to Apache Ambari contributions, along with further innovations in our Big Data Suite.


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  1. Hari Sekhon says:

    Excellent news – standardization on Apache Foundation technology is the future. I’ve released API monitoring Nagios plugins for every major Hadoop vendor’s management console except Pivotal Command Center (which didn’t have a suitable rest API). But now the shift in modern times to prefer Ambari as the priority standard open-source management tool for Hadoop is great news because it means less duplication of effort for commoditized functionality. Momentum seems strongly against non-Apache-Foundation technologies these days :)

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