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Pivotal Girls Who Code Event Inspires Women To Work In IT

Since 2012, Pivotal has teamed up with Girls Who Code to encourage young women to pursue computer-related degrees and careers. In today’s world, too many young women are forgoing a career in computer science even though they showed high interest in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ignites Innovation For CenturyLink

The older and larger the company, the more difficult it is to adapt to today’s software development environment. This was the experience of the eighty-five-year-old company CenturyLink, a global communications, hosting, cloud and IT services giant. As a result, the Louisiana-based company partnered with Pivotal to enable cloud innovation with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

CoreLogic Transforms to Agile Culture and Cloud Native Platform with Pivotal

CoreLogic, an industry-leading, $1.4 billion software, data, and analytics company has reinvented the way it develops software with Pivotal. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is providing a way to automate development and deployment, reduce risk, and increase time to market. Pivotal Labs has helped the company re-invent its culture—one that is now based on agile, innovative practices surrounded by DevOps practices.

Humana Partners With Pivotal to Rapidly Deliver Healthcare Solutions

One of the most successful health care providers in the United States is using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and services from Pivotal Labs to help its 14 million customers live healthier lives. The company quickly recognized technology’s potential to help clients track steps and calories, monitor their blood pressure, and maintain healthy lifestyles by using mobile applications that offer useful healthcare advice.

How Pivotal Cloud Foundry Transformed IT at Comcast

Deploying Cloud Foundry within an enterprise as large and multifaceted as Comcast presents a number of challenges. The platform must scale while being capable of serving a number of application needs, spread across multiple teams. During a talk at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, Comcast’s Neville George, Sam Guerrero, Tim Leong, and Sergey Matochkin discussed the decisions the Cloud Architecture team made while introducing Cloud Foundry to the company’s operations.

The Process is as Important as the Product

Once IT has decided to change to a new way, how do you manage that change and keep up the energy? Also, how do you get IT to change in the first place? In this latest Pivotal Conversations podcast, host Cote discusses a recent experience Casey West (@caseywest), newly of Pivotal, had in transforming to a small batch mentality and some of the challenges—and rewards!—his team faced.

The Agility Frontier—Continuous Delivery and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

What’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry have to do with continuous delivery? Fresh off presenting at a recent Jenkins User Conference on that topic, Pivotal Conversations host Coté asks Karun Bakshi to go over his presentation. They discuss how Pivotal Cloud Foundry helps enable continuous delivery and also some of the “deleted scenes” from his talk.

EMC IT: Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Streamline Product Licensing

EMC faced a challenge within their license management group, which covers a very large product portfolio. It needed to be able to support a global operation at a much faster pace to support the business. After the team became familiar with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, it was able to see how it would help provide a cloud-native platform for full application lifecycle management as well as a runtime for microservices. Since deploying, deployment times have been drastically reduced. Some apps that took months to deploy now take minutes.

The Secret Behind Silicon Valley

This week, Pivotal’s Rob Mee presented at the Global ICT Summit in Tokyo, Japan. Organized by the Nikkei and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Rob was asked to present on how software is disrupting economies and industries worldwide, and how traditional approaches, paradigms and processes need to change in order to survive in these modern times.

How Lockheed Martin Is Taking On Agile

How does one of the largest defense companies in the world embrace agile development? Lockheed Martin set out with a strong focus on cultural transformation and security. At Cloud Foundry Summit, the Mission Systems and Training team took the stage to share their experiences in adopting DevOps and Platform as a Service (PaaS).