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Next-Gen Cloud Native Platform: VMware Photon + Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Today, Pivotal and VMware are announcing our intent to deliver Pivotal Cloud Foundry with the VMware Photon Platform as an integrated solution for Cloud Native Applications. The joint solution will represent a complete, turn-key Cloud Native platform for our customers. This post explains what the Photon Platform is, the significant value it adds and why it marks an important milestone in the evolution of cloud technology.

That Cloud Native Lifestyle

In this episode, Andrew Clay Shafer is back for a discussion with Coté on what Cloud Native means. The pair discuss what they see as the full stack for "Cloud Native," including Cloud Native Application Frameworks, Cloud Native Runtime Platform, Cloud Native Operations and Cloud Native Empowered Culture.

Come Find Us at VMworld 2015: Aug 30-Sept 3, San Francisco

VMworld 2015 is just around the corner, and Pivotal will be there, talking to customers and partners, chatting about topics like Cloud Native applications and DevOps. There will be eight sessions where Pivotal is presenting, and we are available via many other channels. This post covers all the places you can catch up with us and check out our sessions.

EMC Documentum Goes Cloud Native With Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Today, software companies across every industry must address the requirements to migrate their applications to various cloud models—public, private, and hybrid versions of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. This case study shares how EMC Documentum chose Pivotal Cloud Foundry to do so. The EMC team faced additional challenges around consumption-based pricing, packaging, and agility. Their approach is explained along with the business outcomes, which includes a 75 percent savings in deployment time.

3 Ways to Talk Your Way Out of Developing a Case for DevOps ROI

In this post, Pivotal’s Michael Coté, recaps a recent article on ROI that he wrote for FierceDevOps. Importantly, he poses a question that is often the elephant in the room. Can we really generate a reasonable, ROI-based business case for DevOps? The argument makes sense. How can we put a return on such a comprehensive culture and process change?

Want To Navigate IT Transformation? Get Yourself To A DevOpsDays.

DevOpsDays are increasingly becoming a mainstream method for enterprises to jump start their IT transformation to become truly agile. Pivotal has been active in the DevOpsDays events, sharing an overview of how DevOps related practices and culture are spreading into the mainstream, as well as suggesting some ways for the DevOps community to help out mainstream adopters—those companies above who want to transform but are self-stymieing starting. In this post, Pivotal's Cote shares his experiences at DevOpsDays, some key presentations, and where Pivotal will be presenting next.

DevOps, Microservices, and Platforms, Oh My!

In this talk from Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, the main message is—forget about tools and software for a minute and think about culture. While tools are needed to rapidly iterate and deploy fresh code, DevOps is not just about the technology. The principles of DevOps provide a way to manage technology from a holistic perspective, and these principles are what drive the practices and tools. Read more about this talk, and watch the replay, from Pivotal’s Senior Director of Technology, Andrew Clay Shafer.

The Process is as Important as the Product

Once IT has decided to change to a new way, how do you manage that change and keep up the energy? Also, how do you get IT to change in the first place? In this latest Pivotal Conversations podcast, host Cote discusses a recent experience Casey West (@caseywest), newly of Pivotal, had in transforming to a small batch mentality and some of the challenges—and rewards!—his team faced.

Build Newsletter: 100+ Links, the Latest Pivotal Market News—June 2015

This month’s roundup of architecture and development related news includes 100+ links. We cover quite a bit—big stories on Gartner’s Hadoop sizing, tons of container news, machine learning, open source projects and programming, the internet of all types of things, and DevOps culture shifts. These fast growth markets just keep making announcements, and we aim to keep everyone current.

Accelerating the Mainstream Adoption of DevOps

I was excited to see that Gartner has become so bullish on DevOps - they recently predicted that by 2016, 25% of the Global 2,000 would be using DevOps. There’s been an acceleration just over the past year of DevOps “going normal”. This was also the topic of my recent talk at DevOpsDays Austin. I’ve given the “state of the union” type address there for the past two years, starting back when I was still an industry analyst. In that same talk, I wanted to offer some advice to the DevOps community on what they can do to help all these new folks. As DevOps moves out of a niche concern into a mainstream practice, the needs and frictions will change.