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Events: Monday: Lunch Tech Video – Linear Book Scanner (Titanium)

This video shows a Google tech talk of an automated book scanner. This approach is a non-destructive method of scanning books.

RabbitMQ Hits One Million Messages Per Second on Google Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform can rapidly provision and scale virtual infrastructure on which to build web and enterprise applications. Recently, Google and Pivotal engineers collaborated on a performance study of RabbitMQ running on Google Compute Engine. The RabbitMQ message broker was deployed atop Google Compute Engine where it demonstrated the ability to receive and deliver more than one million messages per second (a sustained combined ingress/egress of over two million messages per second). The joint RabbitMQ on Google Compute Engine performance test demonstrates how one of the world’s most widely adopted, open source message brokers can sustain a combined ingress/egress of over two million messages per second—a volume comparatively greater than the combined set of all U.S. text, Apple iMessages, and WhatsApp messages per day. This post explains how Google is using RabbitMQ on their Google Compute Engine, the experiment used to prove this, and the results.

Deploy and Update Your Google Compute Engine VMs Using Cloud Foundry BOSH

Do you want to to deploy a full Hadoop Cluster on Google Compute Engine in under 3 minutes? Would you like to achieve rolling updates to this cluster while preserving your data? Learn how Cloud Foundry BOSH on Google Compute Engine can do this and more.

The History of Hadoop: From Small Starts to Big Data

Named after a toy elephant belonging to developer Doug Cutting’s son, over the past decade Hadoop has proven to be the little platform that could. From its humble beginnings as an open source search engine project created by Cutting and Mike Cafarella, Hadoop has evolved into a robust platform for Big Data storage and analysis. How did an open source project started by a moonlighting developer and a University of Washington grad student become ubiquitous in so many data-driven settings? In its new four-part series, GigaOm documents Hadoop’s history, its growth, and the promising future of the platform.

Facebook and GooglePlus Javascript SDK sign in with Devise + RoR

Recently I added a modal sign in and sign up dialog to a Rails application that allowed for sign in using Facebook or Google as well as via email. This dialog can appear any time a user attempts to perform a protected action, allowing them to sign in and continue without losing any data.

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Two Heads Are Still Better Than One

"With so many conflicting opinions on what the best practice is, it’s no wonder there’s so much commotion over this development process."

How Big Data is Transforming Search Engines into Personal Assistants

With Siri and Voice Search, Apple and Google are going head-to-head to create search products that behave more like personal assistants than a gateway to the Internet.

A Review on Reviews: Google to Allow Developers to Answer Users in Google Play

Google Play, the primary Marketplace for everything Android, is about to change the way we review apps.

Google announced last week that developers (or app publishers) will now have the ability to respond to reviews posted about their apps. The concept is simple – a user reviews an app and as the developer, you can post a response to the review.

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"Get up, Stand up" Round up

Every morning at 9:30, Bob Marley reminds all of us at Xtreme Labs that we need to “Get up, Stand up”. We all congregate on the 5th floor to discuss hot news in the technology industry, interesting facts or stories, as well as any announcements that need to be made.

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Android Contacts Explained

The introduction of apps and data plans have opened the doors for contacts to be used in new and unexpected ways.  For example, you can use contacts to instant message friends using a data plan, or you can use contacts as a way to video conference with colleagues.  

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