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The Way to Hadoop Native SQL

Today, Pivotal announced it has open sourced HAWQ and MADlib, contributing them to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) where they are now officially listed as incubating. In this post, Pivotal’s data engineering leader, Gavin Sherry explains why HAWQ and MADlib are needed to create a Hadoop Native SQL infrastructure, and why the only way forward to do that is through open governance and and curation managed by the ASF.

6 Key Topics Discussed At September’s PostgreSQL Conference in China

Last Saturday, Pivotal hosted a "small" PostgreSQL Conference in Beijing. At least that is what we initially asked for: "a little Meetup, one or two speakers". Over 100 people showed up and discussed some pressing issues regarding the database market in China, including Postgres relationship with products like Pivotal Greenplum Database, MySQL and Apache Hadoop, as well as many of the open source community efforts across the broader community.

VLDB 2015—Pivotal’s Chief Scientist Recaps Keynotes and Papers

In this post, Pivotal’s Chief Scientist, Jignesh Patel, recaps the key talks and papers contributed by Pivotal at the 41st annual VLDB conference. Covering common table expressions, improvements from hardware/software collaboration, a new perspective on benchmarks, R and hardware utilization issues, and mapping relational learning to relational algebra, Jignesh explains and provides reference links to all of the topics. He also provides links to the presentations being covered again at several meetups.

What to Expect from Pivotal at ApacheCon Europe 2015

If anything exemplifies Pivotal’s all-in for open source direction, more than 20 sessions and events for ApacheCon Europe would be one such indicator. We are assembling a dozen open source contributors from 3 continents to help educate and inspire our fellow Apache contributors for projects we commit to such as: Apache Geode (incubating), Apache Ambari, Apache Hadoop, Apache Zeppelin (incubating), Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Spring XD, Cloud Foundry and the Open Data Platform Initiative. This post offers a guide of the 3 Pivotal events and the various sessions across the ApacheCon Europe event.

On-Device Open Source CI and CD for Mobile Reinvented: Meet Concourse

Concourse is a simple-yet-flexible open source continuous integration system which is maintained and developed by a team of engineers at Pivotal. For the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) team in Toronto, which focuses on mobile services, Concourse was a useful upgrade from GoCD, our previous CI/CD system. The flexibility of Concourse enables us to continuously test and deploy our PCF Services, and with minimal setup, add a Mac Mini worker for on-device mobile testing. In this post, Pivotal’s Topher Bullock explains how to setup Concourse to continually run tests on iOS devices.

LABS A Valid SSL Certificate for Every IP Address enables developers to equip their servers with valid SSL certificates for free (albeit with an awkward hostname); this blog post discusses how the framework was created using BOSH

Build Newsletter: OSCON, IoT, Cloud Native, & Data—August 2015

This month, the big news for app developers and architects spans across open source, digital transformation, big data, in-memory data platforms, machine learning, data science, programming language popularity, developer salaries, the world of Cloud Native, and how hackers killed a car on the highway. There is so much good stuff in here, starting off with a roundup of OSCON 2015—the predominant open source conference. Upcoming events are listed too!

Our Top 10 Quotes From OSCON 2015

Last week’s annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland was a hotbed of discussion on cloud-native application development, engineering culture and open software collaboration. Topics ranged from technical innovations in container orchestration and microservices, to the economic and cultural changes behind recent record growth in open-source collaboration among organizations. Check out our 10 favorite quotes from the event.

Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale: Submit to the Apache Geode Hackathon

It’s not too late to create a submission for the Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale Hackathon for Apache Geode, the open source version of Pivotal GemFire. Apache Geode, which powers some of the world’s most demanding applications, was recently accepted by The Apache Software Foundation as an incubating project. To celebrate this adoption by the Apache Software Foundation, Pivotal Software is challenging developers to learn more about its capabilities. Participants in the Apache Geode hackathon have a chance to win over $1500 in prizes.

Another Open Source Project From Pivotal: Introducing Outsourcer

Pivotal Advisory Data Engineer, Jon Roberts, saw a need for better data loading when he started working with Pivotal Greenplum Database about 8 years ago. With the go-ahead from Pivotal, he created an Open Source Project called Outsourcer to automate loading data from numerous MS SQL and Oracle databases at once, source from 1000s of tables on a daily basis, avoid creating files, and deal with formatting errors. In this post, Jon explains how Outsourcer works, the key features, and the way it can scales to perform, making networks and source databases the bottlenecks.