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Pivotal People—Gavin Sherry on Engineering PostgreSQL, Greenplum, HAWQ and More

In this post, we do a Q&A session with Pivotal's vice president of engineering for data, Gavin Sherry. Gavin has played a major role in developing a number of well-known data-centric products, including significant contributions to PostgreSQL. Before big data was common, he joined Greenplum to help build the massively parallel processing engine for analyzing petabytes of data. At Pivotal, he helped lead the development of HAWQ, creating a new era of data platforms with SQL on Hadoop. In this interview, he shares his history as well as his views on where the market is heading and how his products are being used to help companies become more data driven.

Updating PostgreSQL-based Open Source Machine Learning Library from Google Summer of Code

The Google Summer of Code included a project to update MADlib, the open source machine learning library written for PostgreSQL as well as Pivotal Greenplum Analytic Data Warehouse.

Access your database's best features with Sequel

Sequel is a wonderful library for interacting with relational databases. Some of my favorite aspects: 1. Out-of-the box support for foreign key constraints. 2. Straightforward migration DSL. 3. Support for all major free RDBMSes and even some proprietary ones. Also JRuby support through JDBC.

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Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse Can Now Launch External Command-line Applications Using Service Tunnels

In the course of developing, testing and deploying cloud applications, developers sometimes need to directly access the application data. The Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse advances this capability and now features the ability to launch external command-line applications for Cloud Foundry services like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Rails and SQL Views – Part 1

The project we’re currently working on has a fairly system wide requirement to have objects in different “states” as a result of user actions.

The client wanted to be able to see both the current status, and a history of all the statuses each object has been in.

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iFrame you frame…

Helps undefined method `fields' for nil

We keep getting this error across multiple projects & machines, with different versions of the pg gem and the PostgreSQL server, with varying consistency. Switching the tests to sqlite seems to fix it.

Failure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: NoMethodError: undefined method `fields' for nil:NilClass: SELECT "locations".* FROM "locations" WHERE "locations"."id" IN (11, 10, 5, 4, 1, 3, 2)

It appears that PG::Connection#async_exec is returning nil for some queries.

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Cloud Foundry Now Supports Play!

Cloud Foundry now supports Play 2.0 as a first-class framework. Play is a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly framework for Java and Scala. Developers can leverage this event-driven non-blocking IO architecture to build highly scalable applications. Play 1.0 applications were previously deployable to Cloud Foundry as WAR files.

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Protected: Using JRuby for Rails Applications on Cloud Foundry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Introduction to Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse 1.0

Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse allows users to deploy applications to Cloud Foundry targets from either Eclipse IDE JEE Indigo or STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) 2.9.0 or higher.

Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse 1.0 is the first version of the integration to be open sourced under the Eclipse Public License  (EPL), and cannot be upgraded from earlier versions of Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse.

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Micro Cloud Foundry™ — Now With PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ

We just released an update for Micro Cloud Foundry with PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ.  Micro Cloud Foundryis a complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs in a virtual machine on a developer’s Mac or PC. Today, vFabric Postgres, a version of PostgresSQL database optimized for the virtualized cloud environment, and RabbitMQ, a reliable, scalable and portable messaging system, are both available with Micro Cloud Foundry.

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