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Pivotal Perspectives—Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.4: A Potted Tour

A platform is only useful to developers if it is kept up to date. This week, host Simon Elisha updates us on the new features and capabilities in the PCF 1.4 release. Goodies include logging changes, security updates, AutoScaling and many more.

This Month In Data Science—April, 2015

The impact of data science and big data technologies was felt far and wide in May, with applications ranging from determining the latest fashions, to sensor-connected lighting, and even to entirely new forms of food. Here’s our roundup of the biggest data science news of the month, both from within Pivotal and beyond.

Pivotal Data Science Team Iterates Faster, Beats Existing Malware Detection Tools

This post provides a case study in innovative IT security practices for a small, 6-week project. The challenges, approach, and outcomes of this data science-driven effort show how an innovative use of algorithms can do a better job detecting malware than existing, best-in-class malware detection tools and operate much faster than existing customer models within Apache Hive™. Using an accelerated, agile, and iterative development approach with methods borrowed from graph theory, natural language processing (NLP) and anomaly detection, we implemented in a highly parallelized way on Pivotal Greenplum Database, the team from Pivotal Data Labs quickly achieved significant results for this global insurance company.

All Things Pivotal Podcast Episode #17: Pivotal CF–Orgs, Spaces & Roles

In this episode, we take a quick look at how Orgs and Spaces work in Pivotal CF to help you organise all of your development efforts—to implement quotas where required, and to segment environments into development, test, production. In addition, we will also look at the kinds of role-based access control (RBAC) you can implement to ensure that users access just the resources that they need—and no more.

Build Newsletter: Predictions, Security, Mobile, Agile, & DevOps – January 2015

“Build” is the monthly newsletter from Pivotal that provides a snapshot of the most relevant news and trends for architects and developers. This month we look at 2014 year-end reviews and 2015 predictions, top news about breaches, as well as other important news and articles on mobile, agile, and devops in the areas that are making the biggest impact in software development and architecture today.

Taking Security to the Next Level—Application Security Groups

In this post, Abby Kearns, one of our Technical Product Marketers, provides an overview of how Application Security Groups work within Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She explains how every application request goes through the Pivotal Cloud Foundry firewall, allow rules, whitelisting, configuration, deployment lifecycles, and more.

This Month in Data Science

Data science is a hyper-growth environment. In this month’s roundup of the most compelling data science stories in the last month, we cover the perspective of how companies are competing on data science, where research dollars are flowing, how to predict the path of diseases like Ebola based on cell phone data, the top trends in the sector, and plenty of examples of data science being applied at companies like Netflix, Spotify, McLaren as well as a variety of industries and use cases from real-time mobile video to churn prediction.

Security Analytics in Action: Use Cases for Deep Monitoring of Privileged Users

Pivotal data science and security expert, Derek Lin, has considerable experience in the areas of big data, software development, and analysis for security, risk, fraud, and online banking. In this post, he explains how Pivotal data science teams are providing thought leadership and clear paths to solving security analytics problems. Lin provides background and then gives a real-world approach for associating and discovering behaviors across help desk tickets and command-line activities, ultimately preventing misuse from those with privileged access.

Pivotal CF 1.3 Is Generally Available

Pivotal CF 1.3 is now generally available, complete with new capabilities that make it easier for enterprise IT to arm their developers with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in their data center while gaining the security, high availability and governance that IT desires. This post describes the highlights of this release including multiple availability zones; multiple networks; security groups; on-demand access to enterprise Apache Hadoop®; dynamically updated usage reports, application status, events and logs; and introducing 4 new languages for internationalization and localization.

Cloud Foundry UAA: Onwards and Upwards into the Cloud

During the last two quarters, Cloud Foundry at Pivotal has revamped its identity management team and are progressing towards new features and integration points. In our ongoing mission to make Cloud Foundry the cloud platform of choice, we have greatly improved the platform's user identity management features.