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What Should Your IT Team Be For Halloween?

With software being crucial to almost everything you do, we know your IT folks may be a tad too busy to think up an appropriate costume. Never fear! Pivotal is here. We made this fun quiz to help pick out just the right one!

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Episode 038

In this episode, Coté and Richard talk about DellEMCWorld 2016. They discuss what it’s like for Pivotal to be a part of Dell Technologies—and what that means going forward—and about Coté’s interview on theCUBE and the latest on Pivotal’s momentum and customers.

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Episode Six

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly speaks with Elisabeth Hendrickson, head of R&D for Pivotal's data portfolio, about how agile and DevOps might be applied to data analytics, what it would mean from a people and process perspective, and how data analytics technologies would need to evolve to support it.

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How Automakers And The Internet Of Things Are Colliding To Save Lives

This article demonstrates how the Pivotal Data Science team helped a major German car manufacturer build a scalable Internet-of-things (IoT) platform with the help of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). This post is a summary of a talk recently delivered at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016.

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7 Ways Pivotal And Google Simplify Cloud-Native For The Enterprise

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now generally available to run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now enterprises can build, deploy, and run cloud-native apps on the same infrastructure that powers Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube. PCF deployments can be enhanced and extended with Google’s data products (like BigQuery and the Cloud Machine Learning platform).

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New in Spring Cloud Services 1.2: Multi-Site Service Discovery

With the release of Spring Cloud Services 1.2, operators can configure peer replication of Service Registry service instances. Now, when an application registers with a Service Registry instance, that same application is available for lookup by consumers in a PCF installation in another data center, or across organizations within a single PCF installation.

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Episode Five

In this Pivotal Insights episode, host Jeff Kelly talks with Pivotal’s Jacque Istok, who runs Pivotal’s data engineering and data science field organization, about how to break down the wall between application developers and data professionals. The two also discuss the concept of balanced teams to support data analytics projects.

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Pay Transparency Matters

Pivotal is embracing pay transparency to build employee trust. We are pleased to report that a recent pay analysis, found that, for employees with similar roles and circumstances, women working for Pivotal earn on average 98 cents for every dollar male employees earn and employees of color earn on average $1.02 for every dollar white employees earn. Pivotal has also signed the White House Equal Pay pledge as a company that supports the advancement of equal pay.

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Episode 037

When you're moving fast, things will break more often. It's little wonder, then, that with a microservices approach you need to pay close attention to ensuring the safe, yet speedy change to APIs. The idea of "consumer-driven contracts" has been percolating for a long time. The idea is to shift the "power" in the relationship between the provider of APIs and the consumer of those APIs more to the consumers. In this episode, Coté talks with Marcin Grzejszczak on how the newly released Spring Cloud Contract, a new approach to APIs that is more resilient, and helps providers to protect backward compatibility.

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Introducing Steeltoe RC1, A Microservices Toolkit for .NET

Steeltoe, a new open source project, aims to ease microservices adoption for .NET developers, using the same NetflixOSS technology that is popular in the Java world. It is purpose-built to help developers evolve an application from a monolithic .NET 4.x architecture to a set of .NET Core microservices. Because Steeltoe is essentially an adapter between the .NET framework and Spring-based NetflixOSS tooling, the project offers additional efficiencies to enterprises that use both Java and .NET.

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