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Pivotal UX Design Practice Expands With Slice Of Lime Acquisition

Today, Pivotal welcomes the renowned User Experience (UX) design firm Slice of Lime to the Pivotal Labs family. Slice of Lime’s impressive industry accolades are numerous and include highlights such as the prestigious UX Magazine’s Most Effective User Experience Agency and Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Work (2015). In this post, Pivotal Labs Vice President Drew McManus interviews Kevin Menzie, founder and CEO of Slice of Lime, to learn more about their organization, why this acquisition is such a good fit, and how Pivotal customers will benefit from better access to this team.

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Pivotal People—Meet Jeff Kelly, Former Wikibon Big Data Analyst

Former Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly just joined the Pivotal Big Data team. Jeff has deep expertise in this market, having covered business intelligence, analytics, and big data for the past 8 years. In this post, we sit down to talk about his background, what brought him to Pivotal, his role here, and why big data matters to companies around the world.

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Pivotal Acquires CloudCredo

Today, the Pivotal family got a little bigger with the acquisition of CloudCredo, a collection of some of the foremost experts helping companies unlock the power of the Cloud Foundry platform. In this post, Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Onsi Fakhouri sat down with Colin Humphreys, co-founder and CEO of CloudCredo, to talk through the history of the company and its future at Pivotal.

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NBCUniversal Uses Training To Accelerate Cloud Native Journey

Like every other traditional media and entertainment company, NBCUniversal finds themselves with a dizzying array of smaller, niche competitors and larger, well-funded internet companies. To improve their ability to compete, they recently turned to Pivotal Cloud Foundry for a Cloud Native platform and made both training and change management a core component of their digital transformation.

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The Real Meaning of Software Transformation for Businesses Today

As companies and industries embrace the full logic of open communities, automation, and services-oriented architectures, software creates a trajectory that has and will continue to radically transform how we do and consume things, and how we run our lives and businesses. This post from Pivotal's Transformation practice leader, Siobhan McFeeney, offers some insight and advice on how businesses can cope and grow in the face of this opportunity.

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We Transform How The World Builds Software

When we started Pivotal Labs back in 1989, our goal was to give developers the tools to build software more collaboratively and efficiently. We believed that software was the way to make an impact, that it could truly change industries, and the world. We still do, now more than ever.

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How Far We’ve Come

Over the past 35 years, I have been fortunate enough to have had a ringside seat at three major transitions in the computer industry: first the birth of the Software & PC era, then the Internet and Web era, and now the Cloud era at Pivotal. During this time I have had the privilege of working with incredibly smart and interesting people, and have seen the enormous impact that technology can have on the world. The latest wave of change that is blowing through the world is perhaps that most interesting of all, as the world is moving beyond the automation of what was previously done with pen and paper, giving birth to new capabilities and ways of relating to people that we have not seen before—not just quantitatively but qualitatively too.

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6 Free Technical Classes From Pivotal Education

Pivotal Education makes it easy to fully realize the capabilities of our technologies by offering a series of free training courses. Designed for developers, system architects, and data practitioners, these online courses engage students through a sandbox environment and interactive labs. The introductory courses enable technologists at any point of engagement with Pivotal technologies — whether during evaluation or after deployment — to become more well-versed, efficient, and effective in their efforts. The current classes provide hands-on experience with Pivotal technologies such as Pivotal HD, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Greenplum Database, HAWQ, Redis, and GemFire.

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