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11: The Data Science Unicorn And The Balanced Team

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly and Pivotal Data Scientist Ian Huston talk about the potential benefits of bringing data scientists into the balanced team, best practices for doing so, and put the myth of the Data Science Unicorn to rest.

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10: Pivotal DOS, Managed Services for Greenplum and HDB, Lets Enterprises Focus on Analytics

Jeff Kelly speaks with Jacque Istok about Pivotal DOS, a new managed service offering for Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal HDB, that lets enterprises focus on analytics while Pivotal handles administration and monitoring.

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Apache Geode Graduates to Top Level Project in Apache; Up Next: Microservices

Just eighteen months ago Pivotal granted over 1 million lines of code from the GemFire code base to The Apache Software Foundation to help create the Apache Geode project. This week the ASF graduated Apache Geode to a Top-Level Project (TLP), a major milestone. But more is coming, including supporting an event-driven and microservices-based approach to application architecture.

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042: The Alignment Anti-pattern, Improving Developer Skills

Companies that want to get better at software are staffing and organizing themselves in new ways. The traditional "silos" approach clusters teams together into functional groups, whereas modern approaches cluster around product. We cover skills by looking at a recent Cloud Foundry Foundation survey on developer skills and then discuss some sections of Coté's upcoming cloud native journey booklet related to team composition and outsourcing.

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Partner Interview: Using Azuqua To Integrate Your Apps

The Azuqua Platform gives companies a new approach for quickly building mashups, connecting data sources, talking to SaaS apps, and designing novel event-driven software. Pivotal and Azuqua recently announced a partnership that you can take advantage of right now! The Azuqua tile makes it possible to connect your Pivotal Cloud Foundry apps to Azuqua workflows with ease. To learn more about Azuqua and modern integration practices, Pivotal interviewed Nikhil Hasija, Azuqua co-founder and CEO.

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041: Containers Ain’t No Sriracha Sauce

In this episode, we talk with Pivotal's Onsi Fakhouri and James Bayer about containers and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. After discussing the history of containers, we talk about how containers are supported in Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and then discuss how to think through the use of containers versus buildpacks, or using containers at all.

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250k Containers In Production: A Real Test For The Real World

The Cloud Foundry team just wrapped up a performance test that sustained an astonishing 250,000 containers in one environment, but what was more impressive was that such a benchmark depended on a reliable performance from the entire platform. Pivotal’s Richard Seroter describes the test conditions on Google Compute Platform, and how we engineered this test to look like real world conditions.

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09: Don’t Let Your Data Science Models Die A Lonely PowerPoint Death

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly and Kaushik Das talk about why operationalizing data science models is so important, why so many enterprises struggle to do so, and how a change of mindset is the key to success.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Goes Global With Microsoft Azure

Driven by overwhelming demand from our joint customers, Pivotal and Microsoft are working together to help enterprise customers realize their digital transformation goals. GE, Ford, Dell, and Manulife and hundreds more enterprise customers are looking to transform their businesses combining Pivotal’s expertise and open source platform technology with Microsoft Azure infrastructure and services.

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Adopting The runC Container Standard In Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry’s elastic runtime is a proven solution for container orchestration, scaling today to nearly 250,000 containers in a single cluster. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.6+ will improve container security by adopting OCI’s runC after successfully running in Pivotal Web Services since September. This post discusses how security for containers has improved notably since 2014, in part due to collaboration around recent industry standards like OCI.

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