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Quiz Your Company: How Well Are You Setup To Develop Great Software?

Over the past half century or so, the art of developing software has elevated itself to a point where how well you develop software quite literally can make or break you in a market. At Pivotal, we developed this edu-taining quiz to test organizations on how fluent they are in modern development techniques, and even provided a handy list of resources to help you learn about areas you may not have embraced yet.

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Episode 027

There's a lot more to developing good software than just writing code, or even writing requirements and stories. Around Pivotal, we think of this full, end-to-end process as the circle of code. This week, hosts Richard and Coté discuss these steps and how organizations are starting to appreciate "the big picture." They also discuss the biggest cloud native headlines of the week including Amazon buying a browser-based IDE, Cloud9; Google expanding their cloud; and Verizon's purchase of Yahoo!

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Building A Rich Model Factory With MPP

In this post, Pivotal Data Scientist, Scott Hajek, explains how to effectively utilize an MPP database as a model factory, a repository of data science models from which users can select and apply to new data. In this post, he explains how to generate, store and use metadata or binary formats to expand the variety of data types supported in your model factory. Finally, he translates how the same concepts for handling binary data inside the database can be applied to image, audio, and video processing.

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How Ford Is Revolutionizing The Auto Industry With Pivotal And Microsoft

With the help of Pivotal, Ford Motor Company is reinventing itself as a software startup. In this post, we explain the trends behind drastic change in the automotive and manufacturing industries. We also highlight key elements of Ford’s talk at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit titled, “Ford Invests in Making Customer Experience as Strong as Its Vehicles with FordPass,” where they explain how Pivotal Labs and Pivotal Cloud Foundry are powering this transition alongside the support of Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure.

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Get Closure: Deploy Apps to Production in Seconds, Not Weeks

In this post, our own Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product and 9-time Microsoft MVP, explains one of the most important reasons that virtually all software apps should run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. If we look at six major issues facing continuous deployment, we can see how Cloud Foundry moves past them and helps us deploy apps in seconds instead of weeks. In other words, Cloud Foundry can help us get from “code complete” to “live in production” in a mere fraction of the time spent on traditional approaches. This is huge.

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Episode One

In the inaugural episode of the Pivotal Insights podcast, host Jeff Kelly talks about the benefits of database portability as applied to data warehousing. Specifically, he explores the trade offs between data warehouse offerings that are locked into one form factor—a hardened, pre-configured (and extremely expensive) appliance— a pure software offering that can run on any number of hardware form factors—even on your MacBook Air. In this episode, Jeff is joined by Pivotal’s Ivan Novick and Zachary Auerbach to discuss the benefits of database portability and its impact on developer productivity.

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Data Science Deep Dive: Applying Machine Learning To Customer Churn

In this post, Esther Vasiete, from the Pivotal Data Science Team, explains how data science and machine learning are used for predicting which customers have a high probability of leaving, also known as churn. Using examples from an actual customer engagement in the networking and communications sector, she outlines the impact of such programs and the approach to modeling data sources, features, scoring, and predictions. She also provides examples of churn indicators, gives sample, code, and sets the context for using machine learning in real-time applications such as CRM.

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SpringOne Platform Preview, Pokémon Go, Will Azure Win Against AWS?

Pivotal Conversation hosts Coté and Richard Seroter are getting fired up for the upcoming inaugural SpringOne Platform conference, coming to Vegas on August 1-4. This week they discuss their top picks for sessions, including talks from the likes of Home Depot, ExpressScripts, Allstate and Dish Networks. Current events around cloud native development, data, microservices and the obligatory mention of Pokémon Go round out this week’s podcast.

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National Cancer Moonshot Shines Light on Challenges of Data Sharing

The American government has a new “moonshot” initiative that started this year: to cure cancer. One of the identified roadblocks to the cure is how data is shared between organizations, or rather how it is not shared currently. Pivotal agrees with this assessment, and is working with many of our customers who are clinical research institutions to increase data availability and improve the ways it can be harvested and analyzed. Join us for a webinar on July 20, at 7 am PDT, to discuss with Aridhia how they are enabling ways to change how diseases are understood, managed and treated.

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Encrypting Data-at-Rest and in-Motion for Pivotal Greenplum & Zettaset

Pivotal has partnered with Zettaset to provide encryption of data-at-rest (DAR) and data-in-motion (DIM) for Pivotal Greenplum. Zettaset BDEncrypt is a partition-level encryption solution which is ideal for bulk encryption of stored data. In this post, we explain how Zettaset BDEncrypt is integrated with Pivotal Greenplum DB to help achieve corporate and regulatory data protection requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI.

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