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Allan Baril

Allan Baril is a Director of Internet of Things at Pivotal. Allan is focused on services to enable customers to quickly build scalable systems for ingesting, analyzing and providing actionable insight from the large amount of data available. Prior to Pivotal, he has worked in the IoT space, developing a custom operating system for small, mobile devices and has worked on solutions for industries varying from agriculture and oil and gas, to manned space flight. Allan has a Bachelor's of Math/Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Toronto.

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How We Found Out The #Patriots Beat The #Seahawks on Twitter Too

Imagine a stream of Twitter data coming into a dashboard showing the number of #Patriots versus #Seahawks hashtags. Using an architecture made up of three microservices running on separate public and a private instances of Cloud Foundry, Pivotal engineers built this app in a day. This post explains how they did it and what advantages the architecture provided.

Mobile Video Big Data Architecture with Spring XD/Hadoop/HAWQ/Redis: Measuring Live Usage

In this post, Allan Baril, Pivotal Lab’s Director for the Internet of Things, outlines the architecture and approach taken by a major sports network and mobile carrier to create better analytics on the big data associated with live sports broadcasts on mobile phones. He explains the architecture of the entire data lifecycle—from mobile phone JSON heartbeats to Spring XD ingest, HDFS storage to SQL via HAWQ, and Spring XD batches into Redis with reports using Angular.js, and D3.js.

Why You Should Test in the Real World

One of the most overlooked, yet reliable, ways to truly test your code is to get out of the office.

On a five and a half hour flight to San Francisco, I (re-)learnt this valuable and oft-neglected lesson. During the flight, I figured that it would be the perfect time to ensure that my code works properly in off-line conditions (as there wasn’t any Wi-Fi available).

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Everything is Getting Smarter

You may be skeptical that something as simple as an internet-connected lightbulb would change the world. I was, too.

Philips recently released an open API for ‘hue,’ its smartphone controlled lighting system. When I originally heard about hue lights, I thought, “That’s pretty cool, but not sure what I’d do with lights that I can control with my smartphone.” Once they released an open API though, the conversation became, “What can’t I do with lights that I can easily control through software?” My curiosity led me to purchase a set to play around with.

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How Mobile is Revolutionizing Enterprise

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are increasingly being adopted in the enterprise. These devices are revolutionizing the enterprise, much like the personal computer did in the early 80s. When PCs were introduced, they did not supplant mainframes and minicomputers in organizations for many years; instead they were utilized for new, novel applications such as spreadsheets and word processing.

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Microsoft's Mobile Strategy

"I have to admit, I didn’t think Microsoft really “got it” when it came to mobile."

An Xtreme Doorbell

The daily morning standup is an important part of Xtreme Labs culture. It lets us exchange news and tips that we’ve discovered from the previous day. When Xtreme Labs was all on one floor at our office, it was relatively easy to announce the start of standup.

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Good documentation goes a long way towards, not only helping others understand your code, but also simplifying re-use. Unfortunately, it seems that the moment documentation is written, it’s out-of-date from the code, especially if maintained separately in its own document.

When Sun Microsystems introduced Java, they also introduced Javadoc, which let their engineers, and other Java developers, document APIs “in-line”, next to the method definitions.

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Should You Develop a Mobile Web App or a Native App?

Here at Xtreme Labs, we often get asked whether it’s more appropriate to build a mobile web application or a native application. Both offer different perks, and we build on both depending on the situation. Here are a few things you need to consider before making your decision.

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