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Alex Basson

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Extracting UIViews from UIViewControllers in Swift

On several recent iOS projects at Pivotal Labs, we’ve extracted the view property of a UIViewController and made it a subclass of UIView. The main advantage of this pattern is that it removes from the view controller all of the layout code that would normally clutter it up.

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Wrapping Objective-C Delegates with Blocks, Part 1

Since adding blocks to Objective-C, Apple has designed more and more of their APIs to use them as the preferred callback mechanism over delegation—and for good reason. Blocks are (relatively) easy to use, lightweight, they play well with GCD, and most importantly for this post, they put the callback code right where it has the most context, thus making your code easier to read and reason about.

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Test Driven iPhone Development with Cedar, Part II

Co Author: Andy Pliszka

In Test Driven iPhone Development with Cedar, Part I, we created a new Xcode project called Recipes and set it up to use Cedar for test-driven development. In this post, we’ll test-drive our first piece of actual functionality.

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