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Adam Bloom

Adam Bloom has worked for almost 20 years in the tech industry and has been a key contributor to the Pivotal and vFabric Blogs for 3 years. He first started working on "cloud-based apps" in 1998 when he led the development and launch of WebMD 1.0’s B2C and B2B apps. He then spent several years in product marketing for a J2EE-based PaaS/SaaS start-up. Afterwards, he worked for Siebel as a consultant on large CRM engagements, launched their online community, and ran marketing operations. At Oracle, he led the worldwide implementation of Siebel CRM before spending some time at a Youtube competitor in Silicon Valley and working as a product marketer for Unica's SaaS-based marketing automation suite. "Back in the day," he graduated from Georgia Tech with high honors and an undergraduate thesis in human computer interaction. Beyond technology, he loves behavior, design, entrepreneurship, music, art, cooking, outdoors, a decent silver tequila, and his wife, daughter, dog, and cat. Contact @adambloom or

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How Ford Is Revolutionizing The Auto Industry With Pivotal And Microsoft

With the help of Pivotal, Ford Motor Company is reinventing itself as a software startup. In this post, we explain the trends behind drastic change in the automotive and manufacturing industries. We also highlight key elements of Ford’s talk at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit titled, “Ford Invests in Making Customer Experience as Strong as Its Vehicles with FordPass,” where they explain how Pivotal Labs and Pivotal Cloud Foundry are powering this transition alongside the support of Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure.

Read More’s Revolutionary Approach To Achieve Continuous Compliance

In this post, two members of 18F, the team behind, explain how they apply cloud native development principles to disrupt the calcified process of compliance in government. Specifically, they discuss how continuous delivery streamlines the process of compliance, including documentation and security for U.S. federal government agencies. Their talk, given at the recent CF Summit, explains how they built on Cloud Foundry and AWS, what major compliance bottlenecks have existed in the deployment process, and where they are breaking through the problems with new ways of thinking, which they call “continuous compliance.”

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Beyond the Twelve-Factor App

While twelve factor applications are becoming more prevalent, there is enough buzz to confuse their meaning. This article is a preface to the book, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App: Exploring the DNA of Highly Scalable, Resilient Cloud Applications. It goes beyond an explanation of 12 factor apps and into cloud native applications—apps that thrive in the cloud. In it, Pivotal Advisory Solutions Architect, Kevin Hoffman, explains how we can build on the 12 factors, extending them with new learning, best practices, and richer patterns.

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Pivotal People—Meet Jeff Kelly, Former Wikibon Big Data Analyst

Former Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly just joined the Pivotal Big Data team. Jeff has deep expertise in this market, having covered business intelligence, analytics, and big data for the past 8 years. In this post, we sit down to talk about his background, what brought him to Pivotal, his role here, and why big data matters to companies around the world.

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When Your CEO Says, “Silicon Valley Is Coming…” What Do You Do?

In this post, we summarize Michael Coté’s recent Gartner AADI presentation, “Cloud Native Promises in the Land of Continuously Delivered Microservices.” To get to the point, CEOs realize they must compete on software and data, which requires a fundamental shift in the way technology teams deliver software. At Pivotal, we call this the Cloud Native Way, and Coté explains the reasoning, approaches, and tooling needed to take the journey.

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NBCUniversal Uses Training To Accelerate Cloud Native Journey

Like every other traditional media and entertainment company, NBCUniversal finds themselves with a dizzying array of smaller, niche competitors and larger, well-funded internet companies. To improve their ability to compete, they recently turned to Pivotal Cloud Foundry for a Cloud Native platform and made both training and change management a core component of their digital transformation.

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How WellCare Accelerated Big Data Delivery To Improve Analytics

In the healthcare industry, big data management is becoming more and more of a high priority. This webinar is presented by executives from Pivotal, Attunity, and WellCare, a joint customer. In it, there are a number of industry data points shared—covering reporting at scale, using real-time data, where Apache Hadoop™ and massively parallel SQL on Hadoop systems fit, and more. WellCare also shares the story of their journey to improve mission-critical query times from 30 to seven days.

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See you at Techweek LA—Lean Start-ups, UX, & Digital Transformation

Four of our most respected executives will be joining the collective brain-trust next week at Techweek LA. They will be sharing insights on topics like software transformation, lean start-ups, and user experience design as well as participating in the panel at the screening of Code Documentary: Debugging the Gender Gap. Please join us, along with leaders from Pandora, IBM, Techstars, Core Innovation Capital, ZestFinance, and BandPage—let's talk about what the digital future looks like.

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Find Pivotal at Strata + Hadoop 2015, NYC

Strata + Hadoop world NYC is just around the corner. As a long time sponsor, we are looking forward to this event and networking with folks across the community. In this post, you can find out how to connect with us—booth demos, presentations, networking events, meetups, customer dinners, and more. And we have some big news is coming. So stay tuned!

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Christian Tzolov on Open Source Engineering, the ODP and Pivotal

Christian Tzolov has worked on some really amazing projects in his life—artificial intelligence, data science, and big data to name a few. As a big data and Apache Hadoop® specialist on our Field Engineering team, he spends a lot of time working on open source projects and helping customers solve problems. In this post, we get an in-depth Q&A where he shares quite a bit about his work with Apache® BigTop, Apache Ambari, Apache Zeppelin (incubating), Apache Crunch and more.

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