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Adrian Kemp

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Tips From The Crypts

Making Life Easier

Today I’m here with some useful tips and tricks, nothing ground breaking — just some helpful little tidbits that might make your life a little easier. On the list today:

The weak reference mambo Playing nice with…

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Xcode Templates

Xcode has a little known feature that can save you time, frustration, and ultimately can even improve code quality. Templates are what Xcode uses to create new projects and files — when you create an “Objective-C Class” Xcode is just …

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Objective-C Categories

I’m writing today about categories in Objective-C, and I’m going to be discouraging about it. First let’s recap what categories are to ensure we’re on the same page:

What categories are:

//UIView+ViewAdditions.m @interface UIView (ViewAdditions)

What categories aren’t:

//UIViewSubclass.m @interface…

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