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Alex Kwiatkowski

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Improving the JRuby toolchain

Recently we’ve seen an uptick in JRuby projects coming through the door, especially with our enterprise clients. This has been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand we have to leave our familiar and reliable MRI environment, on the other we still get to use our skills and tools from the Ruby ecosystem.

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Ember vs Angular – Templates

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to play around in both Ember and Angular. Having spent the last 18 months on an Ember project I’m very much in the Ember camp and was really rooting for Ember to end up the heavy weight champ.

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Testing Strong Parameters – Redux

With the flurry of new features introduced in Rails 4 I was interested in how they would affect every day developer life here at Pivotal Labs. Luckily one of my fellow Pivots Robbie Clutton had decided to dive in and investigate testing strong paramters.

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[Standup][NY] 06/06/14: Convincing your boss to use ruby


  • Dirk & Mick met a bloke at the pub last night. He was trying to convince his boss to use ruby by binary searching a date sorted text file. Some suggestions were:
    • use sed and awk instead
    • 'system' out to sed and awk
    • There is a nice blog post about why GNU grep is so fast. He may be able to get some ideas from there


  • Ember.js meetup tonight - "Views and View Helpers"

Standup 6/12/2012: MySQL security flaw


  • There is a MySQL brute force security flaw in some releases that have been distributed with linux (


  • NYC.rb meetup tonight