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Aaron Levine

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'Twas the night before Thanksgiving


Binding and CapybaraWebkit

If you have seemingly random undefined is not a function in your Capybara Webkit specs, checkout your binding of event handlers. The native bind doesn't like to work in CW, so try Underscore's instead.

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[Standup][SF] 11/19/12: Mustache Duck Tape


I have mustache duck tape

(DWF )


What does "".constantize do?

Return Object of course

JUnit 4.11

Finally fixes the hamcrest dependency conflict. Roboelctric users BEWARE: See the recent mailing list thread "Setup for non-maven" users if you are going to upgrade.


Monday: Lunch video(s): Destroy all software @ 12:40 in Titanium

(Alexander Murmann)

Monday: Conference speaking workshop practice

(Sarah Mei)

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