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Aaron Severs

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How to use Analytics.js to fix your analytics code and achieve metrics nirvana

There are so many great analytics tools out there that it’s often hard to know what to use. What’s more, each one comes with its own flavor of JavaScript API that’s slightly different from all the rest, meaning each new one you choose to add, even if you’re not sure it’s right for you, is a ton of work to implement.

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Success Metrics for Lean Startups and New Products

So, you’ve launched your MVP… congratulations! That’s a huge achievement, but don’t kid yourself – your v1 product is almost certainly not ready to scale into a real business. MVPs are, by definition, the minimal feature set you need to start learning with real users, and the speed at which you’re able to learn and act on those learnings will mean all the difference between success and failure.

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Define your product with this simple exercise

Whether you’re a lean startup or a mature business, having a clearly articulated product vision, which includes your target customer, problem / solution, and why you’re different, is key to success.

Here’s a framework I often use when working with clients to develop a product vision.

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