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Arjun Sharma

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11/30/12: I still believe in your mustache, McGinley


mock.as_null_object doesn't do what it says it does

The comments in the implementation suggest that it will respond to every message that isn't explicitly stubbed with self, but there are some exceptions. Ones we found:

  • nil? # returns false
  • class? # returns RSpec::Mocks::Mock
  • present? # returns false, since blank? returns self, and !self is false

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11/27/12: T-1 Day Until Mohawkvember


Tech in the World

Joshua Lee, a Summer '12 intern in San Francisco, has co-founded Tech in the World, an initiative to expose top computer science students to underserved needs in developing communities.

Please visit and consider supporting Joshua and his team.


Tuesday: Tech Talk - Craig Muth on Xiki

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