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Alex Stupakov

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[Standup][SF] 09/28/12: 10 orders of magnitude faster!


  • rbenv init not multi-shell safe

eval "$(rbenv init -)" does an rbenv rehash which only allows one session in at a time.

This causes weird failures if you have multiple CI builds starting at the same time.

Having one master build do the regular init, and then the other builds do a eval "$(rbenv init - --no-rehash)" solved it for us.

  • RVM binary rubies rock

Not needing to compile rubies after download makes rvm way faster

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[Standup][SF] 09/24/12: Everyone agrees 2-factor auth is good? Yes.


  • Apple push notification gem

What is the best gem to use for Apple push notifications from a Rails 3.2 server when Urban Airship is not an option?

(nobody knows)

  • Is Google 2-Step Authentication a good thing?

After all the cracking stories in the news of late, I decided to turn on Google's 2-step authentication. It's a little annoying to wait for a 6-digit code to arrive on my cell phone when I want to log in, but it beats losing my account to the forces of evil.

Any warnings or experiences, good or bad?

Response: Most everyone agrees: yes, this is good, use it.

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