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Brian Butz

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Reconfiguring Rails Conventions – Highlighting Missing Strong Parameters

Let's say we were creating an API that allows us to create 'foo's. Foos, as far as we know, will have a first name and a title. We can write a request spec to help us drive out our endpoint's behavior

Less is more in Capybara 2.1

One of my favorite changes in Capybara 2.1 is ignoring all hidden elements by default. This could be viewed as a limiting of Capybara’s feature set, since you can no longer (easily) test certain elements on a page. I will argue that it steers you into writing tests that are more realistic, causing this limitation to actually enhance the quality of your acceptance tests.

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Presenter Sanity

I’m not a huge fan of Rails view helpers, which is a post for a different day, but put simply I prefer to encapsulate presentation logic in a presenter object rather than mix it in globally across all templates. There’s a few ways to do this, the simplest being the Good Ol’ Plain Ol’ Ruby Object:

class FooPresenter def description_for(foo)

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02/25/13: 7304.84 Days of Ruby

Interestings holepicker

Find gems with vulnerabilities

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SF Standup 11/04/11

Interesting Things

  • Lightning Talks are next week, but no talks have been submitted yet. Unless talks are submitted, it's going to be a long hour of staring at the wall.

  • jQuery 1.7 has been released . If you use Backbone.js you might want to update jQuery for the improved delegated events performance.

Standup 00110111 – AKA 55 day

Interesting Things

  • The Postgres adapter for ActiveRecord will not use an offset unless you also provide a limit.
  • Tomorrow Occupy Oakland Is calling for a General Strike. The Port of Oakland, numerous schools, and many other institutions will be shut down, as all their employees will be marching in the streets. Come out in solidarity before, during, or after work. It's gonna be really fun.

Standup 07/20/2011: I Know What Bowling Is

Ask for Help

"Rubymine can't call git ls-files in gemspec"

This should have been fixed a while ago in the developer image.

"Anyone built ruby 1.9 from source? I'm not sure what options to configure it with."

Check to see what options RVM is using when it builds 1.9.

Interesting Things

  • nil

David Stevenson

  • I'm running a blog using ruby 1.8 off a router.