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[Standup][SF] 09/13/12: Diamond Gold Bar Day


  • How far to go when testing production?

  • Test something when you're afraid it's going to fail, e.g because you don't trust an API

  • This becomes monitoring


  • SF DevOps meetup tonight!

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[Standup][SF] 09/11/12: As far as standups are concerned, it was ok


  • Tracker search: NOT label

I'd like to run a search in Tracker for stories that are not marked (labelled) "blocked". How?

Try "-blocked"

  • Compass Rails + Premailer + Heroku = File to import not found or unreadable

Sass::SyntaxError Error File to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3/box-shadow. Load path: Sass::Rails::Importer(/app/app/assets/stylesheets/email.scss) /app/app/assets/stylesheets/text_styling.scss:1 /app/app/assets/stylesheets/email.scss:2

Possibly, your gem is in the assets-group, not the production-group. This means it will not be loaded on production. Try moving it to production.


  • heroku maintenance mode works through the API but not the CLI

i.e., through herokusan but not by doing heroku maintenance:on.

May be a bug in the heroku gem.

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09/10/12: "We need it to work differently"


  • SQLite gem on Heroku

Don't even try, or any other ideas?

  • Caching individual files on nginx

Seems you can only set one regex to match cached files, not individual files.


  • SF DevOps Meetup - Thursday 9/13

OpenStack, DevOps Experience Report and a little Bash TDD

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Standup 02/24/2012: Mostly they do Standup at 9:06, mostly




Firefox remembers the state of checkboxes across refreshes. If you test if a checkbox is checked via jQuery, you might not get the actual values out of the DOM, but the cached state from before the refresh. Keep that in mind when testing.

Rails 2.3.5's has_one: if you build a form for a has_one association, it'll overwrite the old value, even if you do not save. This is intended, but not intuitive. The old record will be orphaned.

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Standup 02/21/2012: Cute title goes here


"Want to teach college students Rails/Pairing in a Software Engineering class?"

Write an email to Rob. Details to follow soon.

"How do I set the type of a Backbone class to not always be "child"?"

You can rename the constructor, it's going to have that name. Don't forget to call the constructor of the super class in it.

"Is there any tool to run Jasmine tests in several windows/browsers in parallel?"

Let us know.


CSS Box-Sizing

The CSS property 'box-sizing' allows you to control the width of an element, including its border and padding.

box-sizing: content-box;

is the default setting, where the width specifies the width of only the content

box-sizing: border-box;

specifies the width for both the content, and the border and padding

box-sizing: inherit;

have a wild guess.

Ember.js Meetup tonight at 6:30pm

Technically sold out, but if you just stick around after work, you can still attend.

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