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Topher Bullock

Topher is a software engineer at Pivotal based in the Toronto, Canada office. On the mobile-focused Pivotal Cloud Foundry® team in the Toronto office, he has experiences working on mobile apps, APIs, and PCF services.

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On-Device Open Source CI and CD for Mobile Reinvented: Meet Concourse

Concourse is a simple-yet-flexible open source continuous integration system which is maintained and developed by a team of engineers at Pivotal. For the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) team in Toronto, which focuses on mobile services, Concourse was a useful upgrade from GoCD, our previous CI/CD system. The flexibility of Concourse enables us to continuously test and deploy our PCF Services, and with minimal setup, add a Mac Mini worker for on-device mobile testing. In this post, Pivotal’s Topher Bullock explains how to setup Concourse to continually run tests on iOS devices.

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JavaScript Performance and Debugging for Web Apps

As browsers on mobile and desktop progress, JavaScript on the client side has continuously become more robust and is powering a wide array of increasingly advanced applications. JavaScript applications are becoming larger and moving to mobile; both situations warrant a …

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