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Christopher Larsen

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Automatic Code

“Everything that can be automated must be automated.”

I spent almost 20 years in Manufacturing following that principle, because it works on so many levels. Old habits die hard, so even after I started doing more software / less hardware I still found myself following that deeply ingrained directive.

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Implementing the Flat Design of iOS 7

There has been much talk of the so-called “flat” design of Jony Ive’s group.

 iOS 7 is anything but flat.

Look closely at what Apple unveiled at WWDC showcases and you will see this new UI has depth beyond anything we have experienced before.

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LLVM, XCode's Super Secret Bug Detector

So if you’re anything like me you get a lump in your throat and a cold sweat every time you are about to hit the “SUBMIT” button in iTunes Connect and release your latest creation upon the world.

Usually about five minutes later the voice in the back of my head starts whining “What if we missed something?

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Dealing with EXC_BAD_SELECTOR runtime crashes

One very powerful ability of ObjC is the dynamic runtime selector (SEL) that allows you to name a function target that can be called on an object. This power is also very dangerous because calling for a function that doesn’t exist for an object results in one of the most common crashes, the EXC_BAD_SELECTOR crash.

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