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Callum Stott

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Too much magic for Ken

Helps Lobot needs YOU

The Lobot project is recruiting team members. Mostly that means that when scheduling permits, you’ll work on Lobot as a project. Contact Ken (the new PM), or Davis.

How do RubyMine inspections work?

I have a module that creates methods dynamically, but I want Command-B to work for those methods.

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What time is it supposed to be?

Helps Any Good iOS Analytics Tools?

Has anyone tried/prefer any particular iOS analytics tools? We’re looking at Google Analytics, Flurry, and Mixpanel. Per-user drill downs would be nice and all features we need are supported by all three (custom events with extra data and session tracking).

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Awkward Bluetooth

Helps Remove unused bluetooth devices from your workstation

Do us all a solid and remove those ghost devices from your bluetooth settings pane. This will make it easier for others to pair them up with a new workstation.

Interestings GitGutter for Sublime Text

Do you use Sublime Text?

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WE'RE #10

Events Tuesday: Tech Talk: Colin Shield on using Chef Server and Rails

(Davis Frank)

Tuesday: is Extreme: Host Required

(Andrew Bruce)

Host wanted for tonight’s Extreme Tuesday. Acquire within. Talk to Gavin, Andrew, Edgar, or anyone else involved.

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