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Danny Gagne

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[Standup][NY]09/11/12: CanCan condition hashes)


  • CanCan, condition hashes, and index actions

If you have something like:

`can :manage, Group, memberships: { user_id: }`


`class Group < AR::Base has_many memberships end`

you will get duplicate Groups in index action's @groups ivar when you load_and_authorize (sic) :group as CanCan will do an SQL join of the groups and memberships table.

The solution for us was to use a block and populate the @groups ivar ourselves in the action.


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[Standup][NY] 9/10/12: Debugging CoffeeScript in Chrome


Debugging CoffeeScript in Chrome

When you go to “Sources” in web inspector for a web page that includes test.js it will now show your CoffeeScript source files where you can set break points, hover variables to see their values, etc.


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