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David Julia

Associate Director at Pivotal Labs Chicago. I'm interested in: clean code, clean/comprehensive tests, agile approaches to software architecture, RESTful web services, and collaboration and planning between agile/xp teams across an enterprise... just to mention a few of my favorite topics!

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Refactoring Towards Expressive REST APIs: Let Your Code Be Your Guide

In this post, Pivotal Labs Engineering Manager, David Julia, provides an example of a problematic RESTful JSON API and an approach for refactoring it. When API designs are implicit, they don’t reveal and enable the intended API usage, and they become very difficult to implement. In today’s world of cloud connectivity and developer community, poorly designed API can greatly slow down or stop software service adoption in its tracks, not to mention the public feedback for poor APIs. David’s approach, and the related code, clearly explain some of the key considerations.

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TDD Midlife Crisis: White-Box Testing & Refactoring Tests

I’ve been undergoing a "Test-Driven Development (TDD) Midlife Crisis", in which I've been critically examining how I test drive code. During this process, I've been thinking about the kinds of tests I write, how much I mock, when to mock, and other fundamental questions of test-driven development. Over my Thanksgiving vacation, I re-read the seminal book on TDD, Test-Driven Development By Example by Kent Beck. It's a quick enough read, which reminded me of something that I'd been saying for a while without fully understanding the implications: TDD is more about confidence in your code and designs than it is about proving correctness. Here’s how I went about re-familiarizing myself with this concept.

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Checklist for Deploying a Rails App to Heroku

So, you wanna deploy to Heroku… It’s super quick to get something up and running, but if you want a robust, production-ready system, you’ll have to do a bit more than just git push. Without further adieu here is my …

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