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Dimitri Roche

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[Standup][NY] 09/06/12: PG 9.2 to include JSON data type!


  • Postgres 9.2 to include native JSON data type

Postgres 9.2 will include a native JSON datatype. In addition to verifying that the data stored in the field is valid JSON, there's also a couple of SQL functions that could be handy (array_to_json, and row_to_json).

There's a promising pull request for ActiveRecord to support the new json data type.

  • Show gem license on

Our open source developers this week have submitted a pull request to to display a gem's license on the gem version's page.

Make sure you add a license to your gemspecs! do |s|
  s.license = "MIT"

or... do |s|
  s.licenses = ["MIT", "BSD"]

Pull request:

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[Standup][NY] 09/04/12: Math proofs like unit tests?


  • Gotcha

Don't make a helper method called config in your rails app. It will blow up in your face.

  • Cool 3D js UI hack for displaying menus

This looks great for touch devices, but may not be obvious to users.

Try this URL for standup:

  • Bootstrap 2.1 dropdown data-* fail

Links within dropdowns which leverage data-* method's currently broken in Bootstrap 2.1.


  • Wednesday: Agile Experience Design Meetup
  • Tuesday: Tech Talk- Why is a Math Proof like a Unit Test?

There are many conceptual similarities between writing a mathematical proof and test driving a story. In this talk, I will explore these similarities in an effort to explain what is satisfying about TDD, and what makes it a great learning tool. Join us for lunch as Daniela previews her upcoming GoGaRuCo talk.

Daniela majored in Math, attended a Railsbridge, apprenticed at Pivotal SF and now is a developer at SharesPost.

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