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David Varvel

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Responsive web design with GroundworkCSS: Column stacking

Recently, I’ve started using GroundworkCSS to implement responsive design on a personal project.  Simply put, it’s been an absolute pleasure to use.  Not only is Groundwork highly flexible, but it also feels remarkably lightweight in comparison to something like Bootstrap.…

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Backbone vs Rails: Some things to consider

(Note: For most of this article, feel free to mentally substitute Ember, Angular, or your JS framework of choice for Backbone. Backbone’s just the popular one right now.)

At Pivotal Labs we do a lot of web-based projects.  Usually, it’s …

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10/19/12: Super Happy Blogging Friday


  • accepts_nested_attributes and validates_presense_of on association id fails without inverse_of

Having a validation that the association id is present when trying to use nested attributes fails because the child object is validated before the parent object in memory has an id.

However, if you decorate the association with :inverse_of, it tells Rails to look in memory first which both saves memory and allows Rails to build the graph of objects correctly with validation!

Yay inverse_of!


  • Super Happy Dev House in SF tomorrow

Mother of all hack days. They're usually down in the valley!

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