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Evan Goodberry

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Hardware Hacking Meeting


  • Thursday: Hardware Hacking Meeting today in this room @ 12:30

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Learning to Count with PostgreSQL


  • PostgreSQL COUNT(*) OVER()

Sometimes when you're paginating you have to run 2 queries, one for the first n records, and another for the total count.

It's possible to get both in one query using OVER().

SELECT , COUNT() OVER() as total_count FROM blog_posts ORDER BY created_at DESC LIMIT 25;

Each record will come back with a total_count attribute, so you will have to look at one of the records to figure out the count.

  • Good article on quick Twitter Bootstrap style customizations

Some good links and resources in this article, including a sweet color scheme generator, FontAwesome, Kickstrap, and more.


  • Wednesday: Enyo Bootcamp

Come to the Enyo Bootcamp workshop to learn everything you need to know to begin creating cross-platform cross-browser Web applications with this exciting framework. There will be a brief presentation followed by Q&A with some of the Developer Relations Engineers. Attendees should be somewhat familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to get the biggest benefit. Visit to get a leg up or come prepared to have your mind blown.

To get into the spirit of working with the framework, read about Xtuple's recent experience at and be inspired by the ease of Enyo!

Eventbrite Invite:

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[Standup][NY] 08/27/12: Sweet Monday


  • Sugar.js

A new(ish) Javascript library similar to Underscore but that extends objects instead of just providing a function namespace.


  • Tuesday: NYC.rb Hackfest

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