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Helge Holzmann

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02/01/2013 – Don't Byte Me (SF STANDUP)

Interestings Don’t Byte Me

If you’re looking at your code and realizing “I need this number in bytes, not MB so I can use Rails’s handy number_to_human_size helper”, don’t forget that the Numeric class is there to help!

5.megabytes => 5242880 == 5*1024*1024

number_to_human_size(5.megabytes) => “5 MB” == YAHTZEE!

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1/31/2013 – find_by_name where name is strange (SF STANDUP)

Helps find_by_name where name = 0

In Rails, User.find_by_name(“myName”) will run sql like “SELECT users.* from users where = ‘myName'”

We have found that it is occasionally producing “SELECT users.* from users where = 0”.

This is invalid and will give a database error.

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1/29/2013 – Rails hacked again (SF Standup)

Interestings Rails hacked (again)

The 3.0.x and 2.3.x lines are affected. It’s a mega security flaw in JSON parsing. Upgrade your old apps now. 3.1.x and 3.2.x lines unaffected. Read more here:!topic/rubyonrails-security/1h2DR63ViGo

Events Tuesday: Xtreme Tuesday

Talk about Software Development and Agile.

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1/28/2013 – Upgrade your Devises (SF Standup)

Interestings Devise vulnerability – upgrade now unless [Postgres, SQLite].include?(your database)

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