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Ian Lesperance

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Standup 02/10/2012: Who Reads the Manual, Anyway?


"Anyone know what DocumentCloud uses to generate the documentation for Backbone.js, Underscore.js, et. al.?"

It's a mystery.


  • MyMarks—if you use Xmarks to synchronize your bookmarks across browsers/machines, you can use MyMarks to browse them from your mobile device. It's a Sinatra/jQuery Mobile app written by our very own Michael Grosser. It's also on Github.
  • user_env_compile—an experimental Heroku Labs feature that makes your application's configuration variables present during slug compilation. This is useful if, for example, you need the environment loaded when precompiling assets.

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Standup 02/07/2012: What's the Sound of All Hands Clapping?

Ask for Help

"Are there any good enum gems that work with Rails 3.2?"

Try simple_enum. But watch out: by default it will take your array of string values and store the numeric indices in the database. To avoid having to migrate your existing data, you can pass it a hash:

as_enum :status, :pending => "pending", :active => "active"

Interesting Things

"And... clap."

A fun thing to try at standup: get everyone to clap once simultaneously without counting down.

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Standup 08/23/2011: DevOps Needs More Tacos

Ask for Help

"Anyone know where to get a good fish taco?"

Seriously, anyone? RayBan's got a craving something fierce.

Interesting Things

  • SF DevOps meetup at Pivotal SF tonight at 7:00p. Our very own Matthew Kocher will be speaking.

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