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JR Boyens

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Jasmine For Python – A Whole New World

Although many think of Pivotal Labs as a Rails consulting firm, our broadening client base regularly comes to us with different technical stacks. Among these, Python and Django lead the pack.

When Pivotal Labs begins work into any new environment, …

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SF Standup 10/13/11


"Why does RSpec complain that calling .configure multiple times will be deprecated in RSpec 3?"

You shouldn't be calling .configure multiple times.


"Capybara needs to be monkey patched to be able to local a local file:// url in Selenium mode"

Added a method named visit_local which calls into the driver and forces a change to a local URL so no Rack server is needed to serve a static HTML page. A more expansive explanation will be provided in an upcoming blog post.

Gaslight software training

Gaslight will be doing training in SF on Nov. 7th and 8th at the Mission Bay Conference center. This is a 2 day intensive course on Jasmine, Coffeescript and Backbone.js.

More information at:

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SF Standup 10/12/11

Ask for Help

"Having trouble building REE 1.8.7 on OS X Lion. Was using LLVM, but had issues compiling and then switched to GCC. This succeeded until the linker stage and now results in a SIGSEGV in the linker"

Needs an RVM implode; probably didn't clean out the source after compiler switch

"Non-blocking HTTP"

Suggestions on which framework to use resulted in no clear consensus

"How do I turn off syntax highlighting / inspections in RubyMine for large files?"

Hector the Inspector, in the bottom mid-right

"When doing code review in branches, diff'ing against the master branch they are seeing lots of unrelated changes. Is there any way to resolve this?"

Rebase against master instead of merging

Interesting things

GitHub 1 million user party


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