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Balanced Team – Janice Fraser

In this discussion, Pivotal's Director of Innovation Practice, Janice Fraser, talks about the balanced team. The basic proposition is that an environment with a balanced team makes work more streamlined, creates better client relations, and improves results overall. Janice's role is to help clients and consultants work in Lean and Agile ways.

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Parsing JSON in Objective-C – Part 2

In the previous article, we used TDD to parse JSON into our Person model and refactored the code under test. In part 2, we're going to refactor the code further to be more reusable and extendable. All the code in this article will also be in the same repository.

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Parsing JSON in Objective-C

If you have full control of the resulting API endpoints, then it is easy to build or fix the API to your client’s specific needs. Controlling the incidental complexity can be challenging for APIs you do not control, or which have to support a variety of clients.

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Tech Talk: Sourcegraph – A large-scale code search engine in Go

Unit tests are essential to maintaining code quality, especially as the complexity of an application increases. Sourcegraph is a large-scale code search engine (live at that indexes millions of projects across 5 different languages. Its web app component is …

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