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Johnny Mukai-Heidt

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Lessons from the Beach

Here are Pivotal we call our time between billable projects “the beach.” We spend most of this time working on projects which are internal or open source, sometimes both. One such project is Project Monitor and on my last go-round …

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Snowpocalypse Wow…

Stand Up [NY] 02/08/13: Snowpocalypse Wow… or the Snowpocalypse That Wasn’t Johnny Mukai & Daniel Grippi

Interestings Rake::Task[:name].enhance

(from Dave Goddard)

If you wish to change the pre-requisites for rake tasks, or add functions to run after them, then you …

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Welcome NYC Iron Bloggers

Last week an article that touched on a popular stereotype of the nocturnal programmer was published at Business Insider. Articles like this are always popping up from time to time and they tend to cause some controversy among programming communities–probably …

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Stand up: 21 November 2012 – Gobble gobble


Extending Paul Irish’s comprehensive DOM-ready execution (from Nicholas Greenfield)

A cool pattern for including Javascript in your app based around controller_name/action

Teamcity Formatter (from Dave Goddard)

At some point in v7 (possibly 7.1) Teamcity created a formatter which is much nicer to use

an example is that there is now a FlowId which lets you output from multiple processess/threads and let Teamcity deal with the demuxing.

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Stand Up: 19 November 2012 – Operation Grumpy Schubert


Gem Licenses Exposed on

While working on LicenseFinder, Matt Parker, Ian Lesperance, and David Edwards contributed a patch to to show gem licenses on gem pages. That patch has now been merged.

If you browse to a gem version page on, you'll see a new "Licenses" section. At the moment, this will show "N/A" for most gems, but as people begin to push up new versions of their gems, and as more gem authors set the licenses metadata in their gemspec, you'll start to see gem licenses. do |s|
  s.licenses = ["MIT", "BSD-3"]

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