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Jesse Smith

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[Standup][SF] 8/31/12: Mountain Lion comes Monday

  • 14px margin bullies jasmine_content

In Chrome, the #banner child element in #HTMLReporter has a 14px top margin. For some reason this margin overflows the parent and pushes the body element off the top of the window. jQuery offset will tell you that the body is offset by zero, but any child elements of body are pushed down by 14px. Try overflow-hidden to remedy.

  • Bundler 1.2 official release

Specify your ruby version without the --pre tag.

  • Pivotal Labs in SF is hosting a preview GoGaRuCo talk at lunch today. Thanks to all who attend.

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[Standup][SF] 08/29/12: Reconciliation


  • Font Awesome + CSS Transforms for tab throbber

Some pivots have experience with this working pretty well!


  • False Alarm or DWF Lies

Draper/CI Reporter wasn't our problem. Not entirely sure what was - but signs point to a Spork/ResqueSpec loader order problem on Linux only.

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Standup 08/27/2012: Matthew Kocher has Interests


  • git clone --recursive

Clones and inits and updates all the submodules.

  • Chrome debugger gem seems like it will be useful for something.

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