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Kitty Shum

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How the Connected Classroom is Going to Improve Learning

The advocates of mobile technology, and technology in general, have continuously tried to disrupt education. Companies like Khan Academy, Creative Live, News Corp, and even tech giant Samsung are using technology in an attempt to make education more available and engaging.

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Designing a Multi-Screen Ecosystem

A desktop computer, a television, a tablet and a mobile phone used to be treated as separate devices. An application on one didn’t affect another.

Things have changed. An increasing number of people own, and use, at least more than one device; we interact in an “ecosystem of screens.”

More people are spreading their use of tablets, smartphones, desktops, and TVs.

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The Ongoing Debate Over HTML5

HTML5 has often been viewed as a panacea by companies that believe its promise of “write once, run everywhere” results in lower development costs, simpler maintenance, and freedom to skip submission processes. Many people also believe that web and hybrid apps are much more cost effective than building a native app because of their ability to scale across multiple platforms.

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