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Alex Lobascio

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[Standup][SF] 3/28/2012


A project is moving from their initial layouts to Bootstrap. They have quite a few class name conflicts in their css, so in order to isolate the new Bootstrap styles to specific elements, they added the Bootstrap styles to their own (in SASS) under a .bootstrap namespace, and are nesting any new elements under divs with a class of .bootstrap, and now everything is pretty again.

Nesting in this way (rather than namespacing all of the preexisting css) ensures that no Bootstrap styling leaks into pre-existing elements, but means that occasionally a pre-Bootstrap style will leak into the new namespaced elements due to higher selector specificity.

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Standup 12/19/2011: Fun with IE8


JQuery FileUpload + IE8 = Access Denied when trying to upload a file. Turns out the team was styling the file input button to hide the actual file input, but had accidentally given it a width of 1px. The file chooser was working on other browsers because a "choose" event was wired to the actually visible button, which IE couldn't deal with.


IE8 Caching: IE8 will cache responses with 200 response codes. This can be a problem if your user hits a login-required page, gets a 200 on the response to that, logs in, and attempts to revisit the page. Properly setting cache control headers (which Rails does by default) should fix it.

The Heroku Cedar stack uses Ruby 1.9.2.p290. Just sayin'

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Standup 7/15/2011


Does anyone know of a library or canonical source for three-digit airport codes? Edit: Pivots came up with and


Ruby 1.9.2.p290 was released last night. Looks like it fixed some YML-related problems.

A pair was having problems with Sass on their production environment on Heroku this last week. They've discovered a bug and created a sample project/bug report for it, which will be linked here when it's posted.

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Standup 7/13/2011


Jasmine 1.1.0.rc3 has been released! Check it out on github.


One pair was having problems getting custom Devise views for the sessions controller to appear. StackOverflow suggests that when using a custom extension of a Devise controller, new views must be placed into app/views/controller_name/ as appropriate.

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