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Melissa Dyrdahl

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Movember Mohawks

This year Pivotal Labs enlarged the definition of Movember to include mohawks, a mustache for your head. Watch as the SF Pivots get their heads shaved for a good cause! We're so happy to have raised $40K for prostate and testicular cancer research.

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Parse: A Better Way to Develop Mobile Apps

Many mobile developers find themselves rewriting the same server code for every app. Co-founder Kevin Lacker talks about Parse, a service that helps you build mobile applications without writing any backend code.

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Hadoop for Rubyists

Is your MySQL groaning under too much data? Tired of waiting hours for analytics rake tasks? Loren Siebert discusses leveraging your existing Ruby codebase by building Hadoop Map/Reduce jobs using Hive and plugging in your own Ruby mappers/reducers.

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Travis: Distributed CI for OSS

Erik Michaels-Ober, Fellow at Code for America, discusses Travis CI, a modern distributed open-source build system for continuous integration.

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Business Intelligence Tools for Engineers

The analysts and engineers at spent the past year building business intelligence tools to measure their business. Evan Tahler, Jennifer Suit, and Kate Zimmerman describe their agile approach to BI problems and share their process and tools.

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Frank: Cucumber Tests for Native iOS Apps

Frank allows you to write automated acceptance tests for native iOS apps using cucumber. You could describe it as Selenium for iOS. Pete Hodgson from ThoughtWorks shows some Frank tests and demonstrates additional tools that Frank provides.

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Introduction to Go

Keith Rarick of Heroku introduces the Go programming language, including code examples and discussion of its motivation, design, and philosophy. He covers Go's syntax, type system, concurrency model, and fun features from its tool set and build system.

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MongoDB Redux

Chris Westin from 10gen discusses more in-depth uses of mongoDB and answers questions from the audience.

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Remote Pair Programming: People and Technology

Long-time Pivot Joe Moore had to learn how to effectively remote pair with developers across the country. He shares the lessons he's learned about the technologies and personal interactions that allow him to remote pair 8 hours a day without going mad.

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Jared Cosulich of Irrational Design recently started a new music site, SoundSeed.Me. He discusses the process as he launches a new product, getting it built, finding the first users, iterating, testing, and trying to get the right market fit.

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