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Nicholas Greenfield

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Standup 8/2/2011

Ask for Help

Ian is looking for people will experience using the "Koloa Gem". JT recommended to use the standard facebook widgets instead.

In SQL, how do you make a query the opposite of:

where(:name => nil) without using a magic SQL string.

Interesting Things

In SQL null is neither true or false. Be careful for searching for something when a column can have 3 states: true, false and nil. Because falsey comparisons will not work as expected. (RVA, NM)



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NY Standup: 8/1/2011

Ask for Help

".DS_Store not disappearing from git even though ignored and removed?"

A developer had some .DS_Store files accidentally checked into a project. It was added to the .gitignore and git rm'd out of the project but they seem to keep showing up as untracked files. Any ideas?

Interesting Things

Pivotal Designer Inspiration Blog

The Pivotal designers are keeping an inspiration blog, you can check it out at

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Standup 5/27/11


  • For Noobs.

form_for Non Active Record models, need to:

include ActiveModel::Conversion

extend ActiveModel::Naming

def persisted?



*New version of TeamCity which includes:

-Free for and unlimited amount of users.

-Personal Builds on branches for Git and Mercurial

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5/25/11 I have a little Chutzpah for my 2nd standup blog post


Todd P asks,

How do you properly render a string containing UTF-8 characters across all views?


  • Todd P answers his own help question this morning:

This is with a MySQL database. When you're displaying UTF-8 data, the error you get is:

"incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8 BIT and UTF-8"

I added the following to config/environment.rb:

Encoding.default_external = Encoding::UTF_8 Encoding.default_internal = Encoding::UTF_8

And switched from the mysql gem to mysql2 (0.2.7). Also, make sure to update the adapter in config/database.yml.

*Lisette brings us the Yiddish word of the day Chutzpah


  • Hope to see everyone at this weeks happy hour.

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May 23rd 2011 [Standup][NYC]


"When adding "use strict" into a java script function, JSlint activates strict mode for all javascript."

How do we make "use strict" apply to just one function?


  • Thanks to Peter for donating his collection of MAKE magazines to the Pivotal Library. If you need inspiration for your next hardware hacking project, be sure to check them out.

  • Lee has been working on an open source project called Lobot. Lobot helps with setting up and deploying Continuous Integration to AWS. He would love some feedback.

New Faces

Welcome Sean Beckett and Ash Hogan to the NY office.


  • NYC.rb hackfest (Tuesday 24th)
  • Hope to see everyone at this weeks happy hour.


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