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Pam Dineva

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Pair Design Rule #4: Warm-up with Post-It art

A pair design warm-up will make you feel like the lime and the coconut.

This is co-written by Kim Dowd and Pam Dineva, a design pair of happy joy. We worked together 40 hours a week for six months and

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Pair design Rule #2: "Yes, and…"

 We shared 40 hours a week, a screen, a product, client relations and a problem space. We raved about the joy and productivity of pairing is this post, and now we’re on a quest to codify the tenets of pair

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Why pair design?

This post has been pair-authored by Kim Dowd and Pam Dineva, designers at Pivotal Labs.

Consultancies and embedded design teams are owning more of the product creation process, expanding into early stage research and validation at one end and engineering

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