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Paul Meskers

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Development workflows with Grunt

After working in one technology stack for a while, it is easy to become reliant on a toolchain you know and love. However, there are times when other toolchains are better suited to solve a problem at hand. I’d like to provide a brief overview of Grunt and how valuable it is as a front-end development tool.

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LicenseFinder Improvements

LicenseFinder, everyone’s favorite gem license auditing tool, has received a slew of new features and improvements. If you’re unfamiliar with LicenseFinder, it’s a tool that allows you to manage and discover the licenses of your project’s dependencies.  The core functionality allows you to

Scan your project’s dependencies to determine their license Set a whitelist of accepted licenses Set a list of bundler groups to be ignored Manually approve specific dependencies Manually add/remove additional dependencies not in your Gemfile

Over the past few releases, we’ve been able to introduce a number of features and general improvements:

Full jruby support Improved license detection Persists dependency information in a sqlite DB Improved HTML report of dependencies and action items Robust CLI powered by thor

For those who have not yet started auditing their licenses, it’s now easier than ever.

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[Standup][NY] New Relic iOS app

Interestings New Relic has an official iOS app!

(Daniel Grippi)

Ask is your friend


Events Thursday: New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup (needs a host)

02/04: Cassandra Meetup (needs a host) 02/05: NYC Tech Startup Meetup (needs a host)

02/06: “[The Wearable Computing Meetup] Meet Eric Migicovsky, Creator of Pebble Smart Watch “.

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Tracker for your Tracker

Interestings Gem: capybara-email

(PM and DK)

helpers for emails in capybara, allows you to open a specific email, make assertions and even click links!


(Josh Knowles)

View & manager stories across multiple projects built by our former client IntentMedia –

Vim Tip of the week: :g executes on matched search lines

(Dimitri Roche)



Example: :g/Hello/d

This will act on the specified range, by executing the Ex command cmd (An Ex command is one starting with a colon (‘:’)) for each line matching .

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09/07/12: Comedy Hackfest


  • Open Shift now supports Rails 3.2, Sinatra, MRI 1.9.3, MySQL, Postgres, and MongoDB

They even have a wizard for bootstrapping a Rails application.

Or signup/login here to try out the wizard:


  • Saturday: Comedy Hackfest

All weekend.

partner comedians and developers together to see who can come up with funny apps.

  • Sunday: Comedy Hackfest

All weekend.

partner comedians and developers together to see who can come up with funny apps.

[Standup][NY] 09/05/12: Github drinks in Brooklyn


  • Github Drinkup in Brooklyn

    • Github Brooklyn Drinkup *

Join @luckiestmonkey, @steveward, and @juliamae tomorrow night for drinks and great conversation on GitHub's tab.

  • When? * Wednesday, September 5th at 8pm.

  • Where? *

674 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, New York (347) 457-5448


  • Wednesday: Agile Experience Design Meetup