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Ronan Dunlop

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Tracker Ecosystem: Usersnap your screenshots

We are happy to announce the availability of Usersnap, the #1 screenshot tool for web development as a new third party add-on to Pivotal Tracker. Get annotated screenshots of the current browser content, directly delivered to Tracker.

Usersnap helps you …

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Tracker Ecosystem: Google Calendar integration

Cloud Integration Consultants have built a tool that will copy the finished stories from Pivotal Tracker to Google Calendar – PT2GC. According to James Brake “This makes it really easy to see what our programmers time was tracked to.”

While …

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Tracker Ecosystem: Enjoy Tracker in Windows 8

Welcome to Metro Tracker. This is a FREE, third party, Windows Phone 8 app for Pivotal Tracker – now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This version of the app allows you to list, view, edit, view attachments, reorder, move …

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Tracker Ecosystem: Member Tracker – View people's workload

“I’ve been looking for a couple months for the right third-party tools, and couldn’t find them, so I decided to make my own.” said Brian Noah from eGood. We love and admire that initiative in our users, especially when they …

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Tracker Ecosystem: Tracker Tracker – cross project visibility and panel customization

Tracker Tracker is an open source web app that allows you to see and work with stories from across multiple projects in one Kanban style view, with search and filtering. That’s huge. We have nothing else to say on the …

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Tracker Ecosystem: CloudWork – Making cloud apps work together better

With all these APIs floating around don’t you sometimes wish that apps would just talk to each other and keep us humans out of it. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting close with CloudWork.

It’s so straightforward I feel …

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Tracker and Wazoku webinar

Last month we introduced an exciting integration between Tracker and Wazoku’s awesome idea software. Wazoku is ideally suited to all you Product Managers looking for the tools to capture the best product ideas from across the business, filter and prioritise them and then in a single click create the story in Tracker.

To truly grok this integration we are running some demo webinars in the new year. Register here to reserve your seat - This webinar will cover the basics of idea management and showcase the integration between the two products. There'll also be opportunities to discuss the application and answer any questions.

Also, don’t forget that Wazoku have very kindly offered all Tracker users an exclusive discount of £0.75 / $0.50 per user per month. You can access a free trial here (don’t forget to enter the promo code PTPC25F).

Let the ideas flow and hope to see you in January on the webinar!

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Tracker Ecosystem: – Translating Designerese into Developerish

It's not that designers and developers don't or can't get along. What the team at Redline realized is that they speak a different language. So to facilitate the communication between these two life forms they created this tool

It's simple to set up, simple to use and simple to incorporate into your Pivotal Tracker account - what else could you ask for? is in beta - so cut them some slack (not that there's anything to gripe about) and ask the designers you work with to give them try.

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Tracker Ecosystem: Wazoku – Transmuting ideas into stories

Wazoku's Idea Spotlight is a fabulous new tool for Product Managers to manage and filter product development ideas. Now that they’ve integrated Tracker (We’re flattered to be their first third party integration), it’s borderline alchemical, transmuting raw ideas into stories is simple and seamless.

What Wazoku provides is a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas and a place where these can then be evaluated and analysed. The benefit to you and me is that it can help manage your Icebox and increase collaboration on development ideas.

Above and beyond great functionality, the team at Wazoku are offering an exclusive 25% off for life, just for Pivotal Tracker users. Maybe it's their Robot icon... but the "I'd buy that for a dollar" line from Robocop comes to mind.

Try it out, tell us what you think and be sure to enter this promo code on the sign up form: PTPC25F

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Airbrake – The art of fingerpointing

Airbrake is a great tool for identifying errors generated by other apps all in one place. I guess if you're the offending app you might call it a rat, snitch, stool pigeon or fink - but to the rest of us it's the canary in the coal mine that can save your butt.

As of today you can view Airbrake errors from within Pivotal Tracker and link activity back into Airbrake as a Tracker comment on the error it’s self.

The folks at Airbrake have explained in detail the two stage setup required to integrate Tracker with their app. Check it out here. If you're new to Airbrake, it's free for 30 days, so give it a try and tell us what you think.

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