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Come work for a Pivotal client: ThinkAlike

Pivotal Labs is great at 2 things:  Building software and building teams that build software.  As such one service we provide our clients is helping them hire a team.  We then aim to give that team the culture, process and…

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Setting up the Google Go plugin with IntelliJ IDEA 13 on OS X 10.8.5

Last night I decided to take a crack at getting my environment more appropriately setup for Go programming.  Being a huge fan of both RubyMine and IDEA, and having recently downloaded the latest versions of both, I set out to …

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[Standup][SF] 09/07/12: The Clap Keeps Coming Back


  • Ruby Gotcha: Extending non-existent class displays confusing error message

class Foo < DontExist end

describe Foo it "works" do end end

this raises:

uninitialized constant Foo (NameError)

very confusing to say the least. I would have expected the NameError to show that DontExist didn't exist.


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Standup SF 09/06/12: Clusters are clusters


  • Recommended MySQL master-slave gem?

We want to set up our database in a master-slave setup and would like to know what gem is currently recommended.

Answer according to Palermo: Don't use MySQL master-slave

  • Experiences running Redis in Master/Slave setup?

Our client wants to run Redis with a Master/Slave setup. Has anyone ever done this? What experiences did you make?

Answer according to Davis: There are 2 options, Redis Cluster which is complete vaporware and Redis Sentinel which is recently released. TLDR: Redis Sentinel


  • Google offers MySQL cloudy cloud

MySQL in the Google Cloud - Now you can use Google App Engine without being stuck with a key-value data store.

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[Standup][SF] 09/05/12: Better Late Than Never

(Title: 09/05/12: Better Late Than Never)

New faces

  • Daniel Onggunhao - new intern from Stanford
  • Aaron Levine - New Pivot


  • If you haven't yet, please respond to blogging survey

About 27 responses so far - even if you aren't interested in reading or writing blogs, that's still good to know, so please respond.


  • Code for America tonight

During the usual pair exchange we'll have two great projects for you to help out on! For Open Counter, see Vinicius, for Open 311 see Matt Royal

  • Pair eXchange

Come and pair on personal or open source projects! Refreshments provided. Pivots only.

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