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Ryan Spore

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Please sir, I want some more pizza


  • Where's my last bit?

    1.9.3p194 :019 > (2**62) => "Bignum" 1.9.3p194 :020 > (2**62 - 1) => "Fixnum"

Q: Why is this not 2**63? A: Fixnum object ids are the odd numbers, eg, 2.object_id = 5. This means you run out of bits one bit early.

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  • Nesting separate rails apps

What's the best way to do a request test against another rails app in a separate directory?

We want:

  • not to deal with separate processes
  • to be able to use nice capybara test matchers (i.e. visit "/other_service/foo" and page.should have_content("other service title") )
  • for it to work on CI well

Should we use a Rack middleware?

Capybara Servers and Pow seemed like good solutions, Engines not so much. Also trying to run integration tests with the adaptors and stub adaptors in other tests.


  • Today's Tech Talk: The Psychology Behind Pair Designing

Folks from the outside can register on EventBrite to come. Lunch is included.

There will be opportunities to get up on stage and pair live with Karl.

Summary: More design clarity. Less redesign time. What if methods like Pair Design could increase the efficiency of your team and the quality of your products? Karl Dotter will explain his hypothesis on Pair Design, how he is helping teams practice pair design to build great products and what to do to start practicing pairing with members of your team. You’ll also find out how to participate in P.A.I.R (Pairers Against Inefficiency and Rework), a fun research program he's working on which will help quantify the benefits of Pairing.

  • eXtreme Tuesday

Weekly eXtreme Tuesday returns again! 6:30 in the presentation space.

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