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Agouti 2.0 Released

Agouti is a WebDriver client and acceptance/integration testing framework for Go. It is designed to work seamlessly with Ginkgo and Gomega in the same way that Capybara works with RSpec in Ruby-land. Agouti is compatible with Selenium WebDriver, PhantomJS, and ChromeDriver.

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Introducing Agouti – A Golang Acceptance Testing Framework

Ever wish you could write acceptance or integration tests for your Go-based web app without bringing in Capybara? Allow me to introduce:

Agouti lets you write acceptance tests using Ginkgo and Gomega. It provides a clean interface for controlling and making assertions against a browser-based web service.

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DC.js for D3-Based Data Visualizations

A recent, shorter-term project prompted us to search for a library that would let us rapidly develop featureful charts that could be customized using D3. We were concerned that starting from scratch in D3 would use too much of our resources, especially because the project had close deadlines that required functional visualizations.

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