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Vinson Chuong

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Server Side Events?


  • Any experience with HTML5 SSE?

I want to try out HTML5's Server-Side-Events ( in my Rails 3.2 application. Any experience or thoughts on how to integrate?

The basic flow will be:

  1. User does some action
  2. Browser sends RESTful POST to server
  3. Server then re-broadcast's event to all other clients using SSE
  4. Clients consume and refresh their views


  • Is it worth the pain to deploy jruby /warbler /tomcat?

A current client is designing their production deploy architecture and there is a lot of resistance to a nginx/unicorn/rails stack.

Is it worth exploring jRuby inside Tomcat?

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Pivot Pong Grand Finals


  • Capybara WebKit + Twitter Bootstrap icon asplodes

One of my integration tests started to fail (Broke Pipe). Something to do with font-awesome & Qt?

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10/08/12: Movember Approaches


  • Ajax login form not saving autocomplete values - Our ajax login form never saves autocomplete values in Chrome. Has anyone else dealt with this before?

Possible solutions include submitting the form to an iframe or finding a way to intercept a submit event after Chrome saves the form data.


  • MOVEMBER is coming...

The website is back open for 2012. Please sign-in. Also, talk to your clients - we'd like to double our participation yet again this year!

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