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Happy Friday

Helps Tag successful builds in Travis CI

Is there a way to tag commits in git that are successful builds in Travis CI?…

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It's business time!

Helps Anyone know how to make capybara-webkit be quiet?

When we run our request specs we see this every time:

2013-01-16 10:20:51.014 webkit_server[82263:707] Failed to communicate with qtkitserver: Connection invalid 2013-01-16 10:20:51.014 webkit_server[82263:707] Failed to initializeServer(), returned 5

We upgraded …

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Eventful Tuesday

Events Tuesday: eXtreme Choosday

eXtreme Tuesday Club is a place to talk about software after work in a retro-style setting. We discuss current topics in software, as well as design patterns and whatever the cool kids are reading right now.…

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Happy Monday

Interestings nil? is not the opposite of present?

blank? is the opposite of present?. blank? is nil or empty.

false.present? is false. [].present? is also false. {}.present? is also false. “”.present? is also false.

Events Tuesday: eXtreme Choosday

eXtreme Tuesday …

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[Standup][SF] – Remote CI


  • Watching your browser specs locally from CI

Assuming you're using the headless gem in CI and have browser specs (Jasmine, Selenium) and want to watch them locally, ssh -X is your best friend. It will have Firefox draw its pixels on your Mac screen. Slow, but powerful.

To make that work you need a few steps:

1) Be sure to launch X11, go to Preferences (⌘+,) > Security > Check the "Allow connections from network clients" checkbox 2) Restart X11 3) Be sure that X11Forwarding is set to "yes" in the server (after changing it, restart SSHD, killing sshd works)

To see if it is working, check the $DISPLAY env variable after connected, it should be set.

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06/28/12: It's Thursday!


  • Rubymine broken Cmd-E

Seems like the dialog that shows recent files is very broken. If you are experiencing the same problem: go here to +1 the issue .

  • heroku pgbackup -> pgrestore does not do what you think it should do.

Confirmed by Heroku:

  1. Make a backup of production, get a url
  2. Restore the backup ('url') into staging
  3. Deploy next release candidate, run migrations, some things fail, but table "x" is created
  4. Fix the code, commit, etc.
  5. Restore the backup ('url') into staging (recreate url if necessary)
  6. Deploy the next release candidate, run migrations, migrations fail because table "x" already exists
  7. Scratch head

The fix (also from Heroku):

  • Run a heroku pg:reset on the target db before importing to force clean the db.
  • Considering database provisioning is nearly instantaneous for most users, restoring into a fresh database is best practice, and we will work towards making that the default option in the future.

  • Cloud9 IDE

IDE in the cloud where you get your local workspace over SSH/FTP. Explicitly mentions pair programming throughout the site.

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[Standup][SF] 06/27/12: JRuby Forks


  • fork in jruby

we'd like to use a gem (rescue-pool) that uses 'fork' in jruby. Right now the gem raises when fork is unavailable in jruby. Is there a pattern for replacing a ruby fork with a java Thread?

  • Suggestions were made to use Thread.fork instead.


  • Javascript and window.matchMedia

For implementing responsive layout, browsers support the use of event handlers that are tied to state changes of media queries. It means that you can have JavaScript events triggered in a manner similar to how CSS rule changes are implemented.

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