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Pivotal UX Design Practice Expands With Slice Of Lime Acquisition

Today, Pivotal welcomes the renowned User Experience (UX) design firm Slice of Lime to the Pivotal Labs family. Slice of Lime’s impressive industry accolades are numerous and include highlights such as the prestigious UX Magazine’s Most Effective User Experience Agency and Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Work (2015). In this post, Pivotal Labs Vice President Drew McManus interviews Kevin Menzie, founder and CEO of Slice of Lime, to learn more about their organization, why this acquisition is such a good fit, and how Pivotal customers will benefit from better access to this team.

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TDD Midlife Crisis: White-Box Testing & Refactoring Tests

I’ve been undergoing a "Test-Driven Development (TDD) Midlife Crisis", in which I've been critically examining how I test drive code. During this process, I've been thinking about the kinds of tests I write, how much I mock, when to mock, and other fundamental questions of test-driven development. Over my Thanksgiving vacation, I re-read the seminal book on TDD, Test-Driven Development By Example by Kent Beck. It's a quick enough read, which reminded me of something that I'd been saying for a while without fully understanding the implications: TDD is more about confidence in your code and designs than it is about proving correctness. Here’s how I went about re-familiarizing myself with this concept.

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Two Free Pivotal Labs Services For Startups—Now In Denver & Boulder

Pivotal Labs is offering two free, no-strings-attached programs to help startups—Product Office Hours and Pivotal for Startups. In this post, we share more details on the program including reviews from real participants, why we do it, and how to apply.

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See you at Techweek LA—Lean Start-ups, UX, & Digital Transformation

Four of our most respected executives will be joining the collective brain-trust next week at Techweek LA. They will be sharing insights on topics like software transformation, lean start-ups, and user experience design as well as participating in the panel at the screening of Code Documentary: Debugging the Gender Gap. Please join us, along with leaders from Pandora, IBM, Techstars, Core Innovation Capital, ZestFinance, and BandPage—let's talk about what the digital future looks like.

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Apple Watch 2.0 With TDD Setup

It is now possible to create native apps for Apple Watch! There are some changes as to how we communicate between devices for Watch OS 2. Assuming you have basic understanding of the WatchKit architecture, this post will cover the new types of communication methods, some helpful tips from personal experiences with Watch OS 2 from Pivotal Labs engineer Priyanka Ranjan, and how to get started with TDD for Watch.

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Pivotal’s Big €100M Investment In Ireland

Today, alongside Ireland’s prime minister, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, and the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, Pivotal announced a €100M investment plan in Ireland, including a new Pivotal office in Dublin and the creation of 130 new jobs. Similar to many Pivotal Labs locations, Pivotal will also create a software innovation hub for startups and enterprise customers.

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The Real Meaning of Software Transformation for Businesses Today

As companies and industries embrace the full logic of open communities, automation, and services-oriented architectures, software creates a trajectory that has and will continue to radically transform how we do and consume things, and how we run our lives and businesses. This post from Pivotal's Transformation practice leader, Siobhan McFeeney, offers some insight and advice on how businesses can cope and grow in the face of this opportunity.

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How Pivotal Labs Transformed IDEO Labs Development Approach

Pair programming and agile development have become popular buzzwords in recent years, but these practices have been fundamental to how Pivotal Labs develops and delivers products since its inception. As a result, companies often collaborate directly with Labs to develop applications, while also learning techniques of close collaboration and iterative development. Members of IDEO Labs, the research and development group within global design agency IDEO, recently spent a month at Pivotal Labs to build an application using agile development methods.

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On-Device Open Source CI and CD for Mobile Reinvented: Meet Concourse

Concourse is a simple-yet-flexible open source continuous integration system which is maintained and developed by a team of engineers at Pivotal. For the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) team in Toronto, which focuses on mobile services, Concourse was a useful upgrade from GoCD, our previous CI/CD system. The flexibility of Concourse enables us to continuously test and deploy our PCF Services, and with minimal setup, add a Mac Mini worker for on-device mobile testing. In this post, Pivotal’s Topher Bullock explains how to setup Concourse to continually run tests on iOS devices.

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