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Positive Sum Software & Spring’s New Bounce—SpringOne Platform Day 3

Day 3 kicked off with Sam Ramji, who oversees the gestalt that is the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation—where software choice and freedom are safe, and where inclusion, participation, and accountability keep it that way. Day 3 also leaned more heavily into Spring—all grown-up and with new bounce in its step through the enterprise. We offer the day's highlights...

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Quiz Your Company: How Well Are You Setup To Develop Great Software?

Over the past half century or so, the art of developing software has elevated itself to a point where how well you develop software quite literally can make or break you in a market. At Pivotal, we developed this edu-taining quiz to test organizations on how fluent they are in modern development techniques, and even provided a handy list of resources to help you learn about areas you may not have embraced yet.

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Silicon Valley Mindset Shines In Boulder, Colorado

In 1891, a startup idea was born. The Quadricycle. It consisted of two bikes, lined up side by side, and powered by a gasoline engine. For over a decade, the founder of the Quadricycle iterated on it’s design, tirelessly committed to the idea that, one day, he would bring this “horseless carriage” to the masses. This kind of startup mentality still exists today in big companies such as Ford, who recently invested in Pivotal to help bring many of the Silicon Valley principles to the auto giant. The success of the recent Boulder Startup Week also underscores how pervasive this hunger to be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences at the speed that Silicon Valley giants move.

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Beyond the Twelve-Factor App

While twelve factor applications are becoming more prevalent, there is enough buzz to confuse their meaning. This article is a preface to the book, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App: Exploring the DNA of Highly Scalable, Resilient Cloud Applications. It goes beyond an explanation of 12 factor apps and into cloud native applications—apps that thrive in the cloud. In it, Pivotal Advisory Solutions Architect, Kevin Hoffman, explains how we can build on the 12 factors, extending them with new learning, best practices, and richer patterns.

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Refactoring Towards Expressive REST APIs: Let Your Code Be Your Guide

In this post, Pivotal Labs Engineering Manager, David Julia, provides an example of a problematic RESTful JSON API and an approach for refactoring it. When API designs are implicit, they don’t reveal and enable the intended API usage, and they become very difficult to implement. In today’s world of cloud connectivity and developer community, poorly designed API can greatly slow down or stop software service adoption in its tracks, not to mention the public feedback for poor APIs. David’s approach, and the related code, clearly explain some of the key considerations.

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Build Newsletter: Connected Car Dominates #MWC16

In this week’s BUILD Newsletter, we provide highlights from Mobile World Congress. The conference has never been short of innovative, mobile-centric announcements, but this year, cars dominated the conversation with their rapid evolution to compete on a digital level. The amazing amount of innovation showcased this year really underscores how fast the auto industry has pivoted with their digital transformation.

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Pivotal’s Third Acquisition In Two Months Expands Global Reach

To support the growing demands of enterprises looking to use software as a competitive advantage, Pivotal has acquired three companies and added an Entrepreneur-in-Residence over the last two months. Starting with CloudCredo (December 2015), Slice of Lime (January 2016) and bringing Eric Ries on board as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Pivotal’s is excited to announce today that we have acquired Neo, a provider of agile development services based in Singapore and San Francisco, in a strategic initiative to extend our ability to help companies around the globe.

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Pivotal UX Design Practice Expands With Slice Of Lime Acquisition

Today, Pivotal welcomes the renowned User Experience (UX) design firm Slice of Lime to the Pivotal Labs family. Slice of Lime’s impressive industry accolades are numerous and include highlights such as the prestigious UX Magazine’s Most Effective User Experience Agency and Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Work (2015). In this post, Pivotal Labs Vice President Drew McManus interviews Kevin Menzie, founder and CEO of Slice of Lime, to learn more about their organization, why this acquisition is such a good fit, and how Pivotal customers will benefit from better access to this team.

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Pivotal Is Transforming Ford To Be A Silicon Valley Company

At Pivotal, we’re passionate about enterprise technology and digital transformation. That’s why we were so excited to announce our work with Ford earlier this week. Announced at the stunning new Ford Innovation office in Palo Alto, Marcy Klevorn, Ford CIO, and Bill Cook, Pivotal President and Chief Operating Officer, sat down to discuss our work together to-date and what’s in store for 2016 and beyond. We wanted to share our top takeaways from Tuesday’s roundtable and what’s next for our work together.

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TDD Midlife Crisis: White-Box Testing & Refactoring Tests

I’ve been undergoing a "Test-Driven Development (TDD) Midlife Crisis", in which I've been critically examining how I test drive code. During this process, I've been thinking about the kinds of tests I write, how much I mock, when to mock, and other fundamental questions of test-driven development. Over my Thanksgiving vacation, I re-read the seminal book on TDD, Test-Driven Development By Example by Kent Beck. It's a quick enough read, which reminded me of something that I'd been saying for a while without fully understanding the implications: TDD is more about confidence in your code and designs than it is about proving correctness. Here’s how I went about re-familiarizing myself with this concept.

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