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Tweed 0.9.16: connection improvements

0.9.16 of Tweed is now available in the App Catalog.


  • loading spinner/scrim has been replaced with spinner/cancel button (like web browser app)
  • Tweed will auto-retry connecting to Twitter on failure response from Twitter API (this has been recently causing Tweed to hang))
  • option to cancel active request by tapping cancel button; tapping refresh will retry (instead of having to re-select timeline from nav menu)
  • shake for retry and refresh


We’ve added support for the accelerometer shake events. If you shake your phone while on a timeline:

  • if loading (Twitter is taking a long time), this will force a retry
  • if no active loading, then refreshes (same as hitting refresh button)

So, you could always force a retry by tapping cancel, then refresh, but we figure you can vent some frustration by shaking the phone. Tweed

  1. Rachel Kuzmik says:

    I love love love Tweed on my Pre. Any hope of getting it for OSX?

  2. Jason Ward says:


    You could always run the WebOS VM in virtualbox, and run Tweed in there, on your Mac :Dp

  3. Christian Sepulveda says:


    We are happy you like Tweed and thanks for using it.

    We don’t have any plans for porting Tweed to a desktop client. Sorry

  4. George Young says:

    D/L latest (0.9.16) Tweed, and it seems to be much, much faster loading and switching between timelines.
    In the past switching from a WiFi connection back to Sprint would resulted in 2-5 minute load time. Now Tweed will refresh in under 15 seconds. It is surprisingly fast. Very nice.
    One thing I can’t figure out – can you search for a Twitter for a particular user name with Tweed?

    Thanks for the great product.

  5. George Young says:

    Sorry about the bold, large typeface. I didn’t do it. -)

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